Cob boards tram in Ireland

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    Horses travelling in lorries or trailers are a common sight, but in Ireland, equine transit has been taken to a new level.

    On Thursday afternoon (17 September) a piebald cob was spotted on a tram in Dublin.

    The horse was brought into a carriage at the Belgard Luas stop, before being spotted by the driver and led back outside.

    “One lad brought the horse on and others started taking pictures of it,” tweeted @steoconnaughton.

    “[The] driver went to pull off and saw it on the camera.”

    He added that the horse was inside the tram for less than five minutes.

    A spokesman for Transdev, the tram’s operator, said the horse was taken off the vehicle as soon as photos had been taken.

    He boarded for a photo opportunity and left again,” they said.

    “Its owner boarded it at Belgard Luas stop and it alighted same stop — there was no travel.”

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    They added that animals are not permitted on their trams, except guide dogs, and “certainly not horses”.

    Shetland pony in car boot

    Last month (6 August) horseandhound.co.uk reported that a pony was discovered travelling in the back of a car in Germany.

    A woman was driving along an autobahn at Bad Oeynhau near Hannover when she was pulled over by police.

    However, when police checked out her car — a Fiat Panda — they found a Shetland pony travelling in the boot. The pony was quietly sitting on a bed on straw in the hatchback of the car, much to the officers’ surprise.

    “A patrol car team found a somewhat unusual horsebox,” read a police statement.

    The woman reportedly told police officers she was planning to drive the pony across the border to the Czech Republic.

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