Police stop car with pony in the boot

  • Police in Germany were in for a shock last week when they found a pony in the back of a car.

    A woman was driving along an autobahn at Bad Oeynhau near Hannover when she was pulled over by police.

    However, when police checked out her car — a Fiat Panda — they found a Shetland pony travelling in the boot. The pony was quietly sitting on a bed on straw in the hatchback of the car, much to the officers’ surprise.

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    “A patrol car team found a somewhat unusual horsebox,” read a police statement.

    The woman reportedly told police officers she was planning to drive the pony across the border to the Czech Republic.

    She was 60 miles into a potential 300-mile journey when she was stopped.

    The police statement continued: “Since this transport was not appropriate to the species, officers prevented the onward journey.”

    The owner of the pony, whom the driver was going to meet, came to collect the animal from the police station.

    It is undecided whether police action will be taken against the woman.

    This is not the first equine in a car to be reported on by H&H.

    In 2010 a video of a horse travelling in the back of a car in Kansas became a YouTube sensation.

    The horse was captured on camera by Rick Potter, who was driving to Walmart with his wife and two children.

    The family were driving on the I-75 highway between Osage City and Topeka when they noticed the unusual backseat passenger.

    According to reports the horse was called Rascal and is owned by Kansas-based Jerry Miller.

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