Love bling? Check out these quartermarks

  • Glitz, glamour, sparkle, shimmer: if you are a fan of bling, read on.

    Forget the faff and fiddle of quarter-marks, new company Glamourati has developed a way of applying intricate designs, logos and text to horses using a specially formulated adhesive, glitter and stencil.

    The patent-pending method of application is the brainchild of entrepreneurial mum of two, Sally Rees.

    No artistic skill is required and all manner of designs can easily be applied to short-haired or clipped horses,” she said. “We can also convert most logos and team names into the special adhesive stencils we use, allowing quarter-marking to effectively become ‘quarter-marketing’.”

    Sally’s tattoos, which last up to two weeks, have already been turning heads on the circuit.

    BBC reporter Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes, who saw the product, said: “This could be ground-breaking for sports like racing.”

    And in good news for showjumpers, the tattoos are also British Showjumping approved.

    More information on Glamourati

    This news story was originally published in Horse & Hound magazine on Thursday 2 October, 2014

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