Equine charity acts over Afghan victims

  • A British equine charity is providing free veterinary treatment to thousands of animals being brought into Pakistan by Afghan refugees

    A mobile veterinary unit run by British charity, The Brooke Hospital for Animals, is helping refugees fleeing the war in Afghanistan.

    The vets working for the charity say they are regularly treating more than 150 horses every day.

    Many animals are malnourished, lame, dehydrated and exhausted.

    Nearly all have raw, infected wounds on their backs where the pack containing all the family’s possessions has rubbed.

    However spokeswoman for the Brooke Hospital, Megan Jackson, explained that this was rarely caused through neglect.

    “There is a real feeling among the vets working here that the owners do take pride in their horses. The horses are certainly not cruelty cases. “

    One refugee, Lal Muhammed, said: “It took me six days to reach Peshawar from my home town and by the time I arrived my animals were near to death.

    “Without Brooke I am certain that my horses would have died, which would leave my family with nothing.”

    The charity believes that the unit based at the Pajaggi equine trading camp on the outskirts ofPeshawar has already had a “momentous impact” on the welfare of the animals.

    The Brooke has received $10,000 from the World Society for the Protection of Animals for the project, but says it still needs more funds.

    Anyone wanting to make a donation should contact Brooke Hospital (tel:020 7930 0210) or visit www.brooke-hospital.org.uk

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