Electrocution horror claims two mares

  • The Dublin show champion Dimmer Light has been killed with another mare in a freak accident that also nearly claimed the life of their owner’s mother.

    It is thought an electrical fault at the family’s stableyard in Donacloney, Northern Ireland, caused a short- circuit that electrified the wet yard and gates.

    Ivy English went to feed the broodmares at 6am and found one mare, All About Charm, lying dead in the yard. She fetched her son, Mark, and husband, Eddie, but as they neared the yard, Coot Cup winner Dimmer Light came out of the shelter and also died.

    A third mare, My Irish Charm, another Dublin and Balmoral show winner, received a slight shock. She burst through a gate into the field, which saved her life.

    Eddie English spotted sparks in a corner of the yard and told his wife and son not to move.

    Mark English says: “It was heartbreaking and we’re still in shock. The mares were due to foal in a few weeks. They were wonderful show mares and family pets as well. My mother adored them. We’re just thankful she wasn’t killed when she went to investigate because she was standing in the electrified yard.

    “The light switch shorted and the current travelled back and connected with the yard. Everything was live, even the gates.”

  • This news story was first published in Horse & Hound (17 February, ’05)

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