Kentucky five-star dressage times: find out when your favourite starts

  • The Defender Kentucky Three-Day Event dressage times have been released for the first two days of action.

    Sara Kozumplik will get the five-star started on Thursday afternoon at 1.30pm (6.30pm British time) on Rock Phantom. Fellow home side rider Phillip Dutton is the last to go on his second ride, Azure, at 3.55pm (8.55pm) on Friday.

    Kentucky Three-Day Event dressage times: British and Irish riders

    • Susie Berry and Clever Trick (IRL): 1.54pm (6.54pm British time) on Thursday
    • Kirsty Chabert and Classic VI (GBR): 2.56pm (7.56pm British time) on Thursday
    • Yasmin Ingham and Banzai Du Loir (GBR): 3.04pm (8.04pm British time) on Thursday
    • Oliver Townend and Cooley Rosalent (GBR): 2.34pm (7.34pm British time) on Friday
    • Tom McEwen and JL Dublin (GBR): 3.31pm (8.31pm British time) on Friday

    Other key contenders

    • Ariel Grald and Leamore Master Plan (USA): 2.18pm (7.18pm British time) on Thursday
    • Doug Payne and Quantum Leap (USA): 2.48pm (7.48pm British time) on Thursday
    • Monica Spencer and Artist (NZL): 3.12pm (8.12pm British time) on Thursday
    • Phillip Dutton and Quasi Cool (USA): 3.50pm (8.50pm British time) on Thursday
    • Mia Farley and Phelps (USA): 1.24pm (6.24pm British time) on Friday
    • Jennie Brannigan and FE Lifestyle (USA): 2.10pm (7.10pm British time) on Friday
    • Lauren Nicholson and Vermiculus (USA): 2.50pm (7.50pm British time) on Friday
    • Liz Halliday and Cooley Nutcracker (USA): 3.15pm (8.15pm British time) on Friday
    • Phillip Dutton and Azure (USA): 3.47pm (8.47pm British time) on Friday
    • Boyd Martin and On Cue (USA): 3.55pm (8.55pm British time) on Friday

    Full list of times

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