Dressage rider Laura Wood loses feed, bedding and clothes in lorry fire

  • Dressage rider Laura Wood was left without clothes, tack, bedding and feed on her trip to the British Dressage Area Festival at Rowallan Activity Centre, Ayrshire (28-29 August), after her lorry caught fire.

    Moments after she left the yard at Osbaldeston, Lancashire, the lorry set alight

    Fortunately no horses were on board as the lorry was being used to transport bedding, feed, haylage, tack, rugs and clothing to the competition.

    “My dad was driving my lorry and was in another one. We saw a woman coming towards us waving and shouting ‘There’s a fire!’” said Laura.

    “We jumped out, saw flames underneath my lorry and dialled 999.”

    Nothing was left of the lorry except a charred shell, the surrounding area was scorched too.

    “The front doors and the guttering on the houses nearby melted, as well as tarmac on the road,” added Laura.

    “I’m still in shock. I’m so glad my horse was travelling with my friend’s horse. I’ve had to borrow everything from underwear to competition-wear. Everyone has just pulled together and helped me out, I don’t know how I can thank everyone enough.”

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