Competition rules for Trailblazers

  • Keep up to date with the rules for all Trailblazers competitions

    The PSOA Trailblazers, in association with SEIB and Horse & Hound, have published a competition rulebook for their national show jumping and dressage competitions.

    It covers all aspects of the competition from qualification requirements to permitted tack and guidelines for conduct in the working-in areas.

    It also clearly sets out eligibility and qualification in to the second round and finals. All horses competing at the final must have a valid equine flu certificate.

    Priced at £2, it is available by contacting Steven Fazakerly (tel: 01760 725448 or fax 01760 725884)

    Keep up to date with forthcoming Trailblazer competitions by clicking here to view Trailblazer dressage dates, or here for Trailblazer show jumping dates.

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