Clydesdales are Blowin’ in the Wind in 2019 Super Bowl ad

  • How many roads must a horse walk down? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind…

    Budweiser has released its 2019 Super Bowl advertisement, the UK adaptation of which is due to launch this week (2 February).

    The video, the latest in the beer brand’s series of Super Bowl ads featuring the famous Clydesdale horses, is aimed at bringing Budweiser’s “long-term commitment to renewable electricity to the biggest stage in the world”.

    Titled Wind Never felt Better, the commercial shows an eight-strong team of Clydesdales pulling a dray through a landscape of crop fields and wind turbines, set to Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind.

    It was designed to publicise manufacturer AB InBev’s pledge to brew using 100% renewable electricity by 2025.

    Budweiser’s European marketing director Rowan Chidgey said: “This is a truly historic moment for Budweiser, as we’re bringing our pledge to brew with 100% renewable electricity to a global audience at one of the most talked-about stages in the world – the Super Bowl.

    “Every year we produce some of the most ground-breaking adverts, and this year will be one of our biggest yet. We’re proud in the UK to say that we stand by the global commitment to offer our customers high quality beer that’s been brewed sustainably, so that people can continue to enjoy it for thousands of years in the future.”

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    In December 2018, AB InBev UK signed the largest unsubsidised electricity deal in UK history with Europe’s largest solar energy company, Lightsource BP to buy 100% renewable electricity for its UK operations. The 15-year contract will enable Lightsource BP to build new solar farms, providing AB InBev’s two main breweries with enough electricity to power the equivalent of 18,000 homes.

    To “further emphasise” Budweiser’s commitment, the company is donating “clean” electricity to Atlanta to power the city for the week of the Super Bowl, which takes place on 3 February.

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