Close-knit group of heavy horses finds home at Norfolk sanctuary

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary has made room for three heavy horses, following the closure of a rare breeds country park.

    The horses – 12-year-old Shire Fusilier, three-year-old Percheron/Shire Major and his 19-year-old Shire dam Duchess – moved to the Norfolk sanctuary after their former home was forced to close due to a lack of funding.

    Redwings is currently full, but made an exception for the group.

    Redwings farm manager Emma Lacey explained: “The group has always been together, so to separate them at this point in their lives was not an option.

    “However, to find a private home willing to accept three such demanding horses was virtually impossible in the current climate.”

    The horses, all standing around 18.2hh, demand more care than the average equine – particularly the elderly mare, Duchess.

    Ms Lacey said: “We are at capacity at the sanctuary, with only exceptional cases being considered. These three horses are just that – exceptional.

    “After settling in, it is hoped they will be able to move to one of out four visitor centres, where people will be able to meet these magnificent horses for themselves,” she added.

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