Are Christmas presents for horses pointless? H&H readers respond

  • Christmas is a time for exchanging gifts, but does that extend to your four-legged companions as well as human friends and family?

    In a recent Facebook poll, almost 70% of Horse & Hound readers said they bought Christmas presents for their horses.

    The topic divided opinion among owners, with many claiming it was unnecessary to buy gifts for their equine friends when they are given “treats” all year round.

    In a separate poll, 55% of respondents admitted spending more than £20 on their horses’ Christmas presents.

    Once again, the subject proved controversial.

    “I buy [presents] for all my animals as they are part of my family,” wrote Rob Harris.

    Imogen Norton also treats her horses to an array of gifts at Christmas.

    “They tend to get one main present, this year they have a posh saddlecloth each, and then they get a stocking full of treats and fruit and vegetables,” she said.

    “Most of my presents will be horse-related as well anyway so they get spoilt regardless.”

    Fern Taylor-Wrighton and Jay Craig felt differently.

    “Mine just gets extra carrots, but she always manages to get me a present! Clever horse!” wrote Ms Taylor-Wrighton.

    “[My horse] gets regular ‘presents’ so no need,” added Ms Craig.

    The findings are similar to those of a survey carried out by the Insurance Emporium into Christmas spending on pets.

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    The company discovered more than 70% of UK pet owners plan to get presents for their animals this Christmas.

    They also found that 11% of owners are likely to spend £40 or more, including 8% who are planning to spend more than

    Do you buy your horse a Christmas present? Please share your thoughts in a letter and send to hhletters@timeinc.com

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