CCTV shows how horse’s spook saves rider from being struck by overtaking lorry

  • A rider who was thanking an HGV driver for slowing down to pass her was shocked to see another lorry trying to overtake it – and coming straight for her.

    Ruby Walker, 17, had just left the yard on her five-year-old gelding Dante yesterday (16 December) when she encountered a bin lorry.

    “The lovely driver slowed right down, I thanked him verbally and he smiled and waved,” Ruby told H&H.

    “I was walking past and the other truck appeared ahead of us; I thought ‘Is he going to slow down?’ The driver was staring straight at me, making me feel really uncomfortable, and I wondered what he was doing – then he drove straight at me.”

    Ruby believes herself very lucky as Dante, who is well-behaved in traffic, spooked at the oncoming truck, which took him out of its way, as can be seen on CCTV footage of the incident.

    “If he hadn’t spooked, there would have been harm done,” she said. “I was shouting, asking him to stop, then he pulled back in behind the bin man.”

    Ruby’s father, who had only just shut the gate behind his daughter, heard the shouts and was in time to get the lorry’s details, including the company that owns it.

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    “The company confirmed it was their driver and said they were going to have a word with him, and we’ve reported it to the police and are waiting to hear back,” Ruby said.

    “So many drivers are so inconsiderate nowadays; they take no notice of riders, but as my mum and dad said, that could have been a dog-walker or cyclist there. They’ve got a little pony too, who they drive; if they’d been where I was, it would have been horrific.

    “I’m just very grateful he spooked, as otherwise, it could have been a very different outcome.”

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