British Eventing to increase entry fees and prize money in 2019

  • British Eventing (BE) is raising entry fees and prize money in 2019.

    The organisation announced today that following a consultation with stakeholders, including the British Event Organisers Association (BEOA), riders and owners, it was agreed that entry fees and prize money for BE affiliated events will increase by 2.25%.

    In a statement, BE said: “After BE received a proposal from the BEOA, which outlined areas where events’ running costs had increased, BE undertook analysis on a number of indices to calculate the inflation factors for organisers. This included Real Earnings Index, Consumer Price Index for Paramedical Services and Consumer Price Index and these factors were weighted according to the proportion of average spend for each organiser.

    “In conclusion the BE board agreed to an increase in entry fees of 2.25%. These indices have been used to ensure that the increase was reflective of the actual cost increases to organisers which reflect in their own costs in terms of labour, tentage, equipment hire, costs of improvements to cross-country courses etc.

    “Entries fees are standardised by British Eventing, but the fee is event organisers’ money; a percentage does go to BE in the form of an affiliation fee which differs according to the class and ranges from less than one percent up to 9.8 percent, before VAT and abandonment insurance.

    The affiliation fee supports the provision of the sport, for example the cost of a technical adviser, steward and scorer, and covers essential items such as fence judge scoring sheets and dressage test sheets. It also ensures events have access to BE’s fleets of ground care machinery, at subsidised cost, and benefits from public liability insurance.”

    The 2.25% increase will mean if a BE80(T) costs £68.81 this will rise to £70.36, a BE90 and BE100 costing £72.77 will rise to £74.41, if a novice class cost £83.89 this will rise to £85.78, while an intermediate class that cost £114.85 will rise to £117.43.

    In intermediate, open intermediate and advanced intermediate classes, prize money will increase by £2 or £3 at the lower limit depending on placing and by up to £7 at the upper limit. In novice, intermediate novice and open novice classes, prize money will increase by £1 at the lower prize limit and £1 or £2 at the upper limit dependent on placing. In BE80 to BE100 classes, 2.25% increase will take a lower limit level £42 prize to £42.90 although the BE rulebook says “prizes should be rounded down to the nearest pound.”

    The organisation said no membership prices will increase in 2019, except day pass memberships, which will increase from an annual fee of £10 to £15, the first increase in membership fees since 2014.

    “There will be no change to the price of horse season tickets or day and training pass prices. BE can confirm that start fees will not increase in 2019 and that the abandonment insurance premium for next year will also remain unchanged,” said the statement.

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