British Eventing admits problems with new online entries system

  • British Eventing (BE) has said it recognises fixes, enhancements and training are required for its new online system.

    The entries, admin, results and scoring system (EARS) was launched for the BE 2020 season. A spokesman for BE said the system was designed to “support and enhance BE in key areas”.

    BE has said the aim of EARS is to “facilitate entry to all BE competitions via the BE website, provide entries secretaries and scorers with the functionality needed to process entries, timetable, section and issue times. This includes the text messages and email communications to owners and riders relating to their entries/their horses’ entries”.

    It is also designed to “provide a scoring application to be used on event – which links directly back to the BE database, and then provides results to the website.”

    On 5 March BE acknowledged a number of concerns raised by members on social media including a delay on times being issued for Isleham (29 February to 1 March) and Epworth (29 February to 1 March), later abandoned owing to the weather), and a delay in section lists for Tweseldown (5 to 8 March – but abandoned on 6 March owing to adverse weather) – which BE said was as a result of a large amount of data for the event.

    “We are aware some members are of the view that we have taken away the functionality to be able to search for the upcoming events that riders have entered,” said BE chief executive Jude Matthews.

    “However, even before the new website, this was not a function of the BE entry system. Introducing this functionality is being taken forward for further consultation as it has a large impact on several areas of the business, including IT development and member security.”

    On Wednesday (11 March) BE issued a joint statement from chair of the board Fiona O’Hara and Ms Matthews thanking members for their feedback on the new system, adding they are taking it all on board.

    “We recognise there are some system fixes and enhancements that need to be implemented and these are being done continuously. With such a wide group of users we also know training and education will be required for some time to come, and we are addressing this too,” said the statement.

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    “It is important we understand the full facts so we can identify and understand the root cause of the difficulties some of you are having. As part of this process we have invited a number of scorers and organisers to meet with the executive team and board on Monday 16 March.”

    The statement said following the meeting feedback will be collected weekly from users, the root cause of issues identified and action agreed and communicated with members.

    “We would also like to thank everyone for their support and appreciation of the staff at BE and all they are doing to assist you during this period of change – it means a lot to them,” the statement added.

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