Appeal to help equine victims of Australian floods

  • Horse owners in Queensland, Australia, are assessing the damage done by recent floods that ripped through the area.

    At least 22 towns and more than 200,000 people have been affected by the floodwater that covered an area as big as France and Germany. Damage is thought to be around AU$1bn (£745m).

    Around 70 horses are reported as unaccounted for, according to Equestrian Queensland, but the number of dead is unknown.

    “There have undoubtedly been some horse casualties,” said Michael Beattie of the Australian RSPCA. “But most heeded the warnings and moved their horses to high ground.”

    Eighty standard-breds died when the Cold Mountain Stud in Moore was flooded on 11 January. And many horses rescued from the floods are injured.

    Beth Parker of Quest, a Queensland horse rescue charity, said: “Many have lacerations from being caught in fencing. These are prone to infection because of the long periods in filthy water.”

    She expects a number to die from secondary infections.

    Two horse evacuation centres and a website to coordinate donations of feed, rugs and other equipment have been set up. Financial donations are also welcome. Visit: www.eqflood2011.com.au.

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