6 horsey headaches that ‘inbetweeny weather’ brings

  • The changeable British weather can cause headaches for us horse owners. There’s always a time when it’s neither hot nor cold, or it can go from being one to the other in a matter of minutes. We like to use the technical term ‘inbetweeny weather’ — and here are just a few of the issues it causes horsey folk throughout the country...

    1. Rugs

    It might be chilly in the morning and at night, but by lunchtime, it’s boiling. You tend to your horse first thing but then have to go to work and this brings the nightmare of choosing which rug you should or shouldn’t put on your horse. Why hasn’t anyone invented convertible rugs for horses yet?

    2. Fly masks

    It’s warm and there are flies buzzing around, but there’s going to be a downpour in the middle of the day. You want to put a fly mask on your horse, but it will get soaked — what to do?!

    3. In or out?

    The weather in the morning is gorgeous and you would feel guilty if you didn’t put your horse out into the field to enjoy it, but then it’s due to pour later. You don’t want your horse to stand in his stable all day, but at the same time know he will be walking up and down the fence if he’s stuck out in grotty weather.

    4. Timing to perfection

    You’re about to ride. You can see the angriest storm cloud approaching and calculate you have approximately 20 minutes before you end up getting drenched. Your trainer is always telling you schooling is about quality over quantity, so ready, steady, go!

    5. Walking weatherman/woman

    If any of your friends want to know what the weather is going to be like for the next 10 days, they know you’re the person to ask. You are a walking weatherman/woman and know exactly hour by hour what the weather Gods are going to throw at you and your horse.

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    6. What to wear?

    Of course, your number one priority is your horse, but after they’re sorted, what on earth are you going to wear to ride in? You’re very chilly tacking them up, but as soon as you get into trot, you’ve broken a sweat and are wishing you’d put on a T-shirt underneath your jumper.

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