Alan Titchmarsh gets stuck in with fresh horse dung

  • Alan Titchmarsh reinforced his green-fingered credentials by deftly handling a pile of horse dung on his ITV chat show this week.
    Having brought a horse and carriage into the studio, it was no great surprise that the horse decided to leave its mark on the shiny floor of the new territory.
    Unperturbed, Mr Titchmarsh bent down and enthusiastically scooped up a handful of the steaming pile with his bare hands, declaring: “He knows I’m a gardener – that’ll be on the roses by this evening.”
    Showcasing the horticultural benefits of equine organic matter, Mr Titchmarsh apparently has also experimented with guano (excrement of seabirds, bats and seals).
    A fortnight previously, a chicken also soiled his studio — and in fact his suit — while being paraded for ITV viewers.

    We have to wonder if he would take such a hands-on approach if a fox were invited on the show?

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