Abandoned newborn foal found by police horse

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary is appealing for the breeders of an abandoned newborn foal, that was discovered by a police horse, to come forward.

    Police horse Jeeves alerted rescuers to a tiny foal that had been abandoned or lost in a field close his own on Sunday in South Norfolk.

    The charity said the foal, estimated to have been less than 48 hours old, was close to death.

    Redwings Horse Sanctuary is caring for the foal, but is now appealing for the foal’s owners to come forward.

    Jeeves, ridden by Special Constable Acting Inspector Richard Tallent, had been turned out after an afternoon patrolling.

    But when Richard checked his horse later he noticed that the 14-year-old bay gelding was on edge and kept nervously looking to a neighbouring field.

    Richard found a cold, new-born foal clearly confused and alone.

    The foal – named Dodger by the charity – is being cared for at Redwings’ headquarters in Hapton, receiving two-hourly feeds from their vet team.

    “This is a sad situation not just for the foal, but for the mare as well,” said Redwings vet Eve France.

    “Her body will be programmed to nurse a new foal so she will be wondering where it is, plus she is at risk of mastitis as her milk will be building up causing her discomfort.

    “To intentionally take a foal from the mare at such a young age would be a completely heartless act.”

    She said it will cost the charity an average of £2,000-3,000 a year to look after this foal until he is ready to be re-homed, if he is suitable, at four or five years old.

    Dodger is the second abandoned foal to join the 1200 residents at Redwings in the last two weeks.

    Gin, a chestnut foal, was found alone and cold in the Mountain Hare area of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, and taken in by the RSPCA.

    Gin is now doing well with his adopted mum Monique.

    • If you have any information about Dodger the foal, contact Redwings on 01508 481008 as soon as possible.

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