Helping a cast horse

  • A horse gets cast when it rolls over too close to the stable wall and gets stuck. The horse does not have the room to stand up and cannot push itself back over.

    This is can be an extremely frightening experience for both the horse and handler. The horse feels very vulnerable and often panics, thrashing about to try back on its feet.

    In such a dangerous situation, it is very easy to the handler to get hurt. However, the horse does need your help to get back on its feet.

    You’ll need two lunge lines and one or preferably two strong people to help you. Everyone involved should wear a hard hat and gloves. Try to stay in a safe position away from thrashing hooves.

    Loop one of the lines around the fore leg furthest away from you and the other line around the hind leg. Stand back and pull the horse over towards you.

    As soon as the horse rolls over, let go of the lines, and allow him to get up by himself. Once the horseis on his feet, give him a few moments to recover and then examine him for injuries.

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