How to prepare your horse for a quick and hassle-free sale

  • So you have decided to sell your horse. But before you start to advertise, there are steps you can take to help your horse for sale appear attractive to the right potential buyers and help the selling process become as quick and stress-free as possible for all involved.

    1. Get your horse used to different riders/handlers. A horse who has only ever been ridden or handled by one or two people is extremely unlikely to go well at first for a stranger, and when you are selling, first impressions count.

    2. Ensure the horse is happy and obedient to trot up in hand and lunge, even if you are selling him as a riding horse. Some buyers will ask to see the horse on the lunge to assess its paces and it will not give a good impression if the horse misbehaves due to a lack of practice.

    3. Make sure the horse loads happily into a horsebox and trailer. A buyer may ask to see the horse load during the viewing. Also you can guarantee if you have only ever transported the horse in a trailer, the buyer will turn up in a lorry to collect it, or vice versa.

    4. Check the horse’s reactions to traffic, clipping, loading and shoeing before writing your advert. You don’t want to have the embarrassment of explaining that while you thought he was good to clip, he has suddenly developed an aversion to it.

    5. Make sure the horse will stand still to be mounted and is well mannered to tack up and handle in general. A fidgety or pushy horse could easily put off a potential buyer.

    6. If you are selling a youngster, check that the horse will lead quietly in hand for a variety of people and is happy to have its legs stroked and feet handled.

    7. First impressions really do count so take some time to get your horse looking at its best before people come to view. The horse should have been recently shod or trimmed and its mane and tail trimmed according to its breed and use. If the horse is either under or overweight then you should take some time to improve its condition and ensure it is suitably fit for the purpose you are selling it for before you advertise.

    8. Write an advert that will stand out from the crowd, choose the right pictures, and book your horses for sale advert in magazines and on websites where serious buyers are going to look first, such as Horse & Hound and Horseandhound.co.uk. To advertise your horse on the H&H website, an advert will cost £29.99. This price will mean that your advert will appear online for six weeks, with an option to include your advert to the H&H magazine too

    9. If you have limited facilities at your yard, organise somewhere with better facilities, such as an arena or cross-country course, where you can take the horse to show it to prospective buyers. If you are going to have to take your horse away from home, make time to take the horse there before so that he is confident in those surroundings and can perform at his best.

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