7 reasons (most) horse people hate windy weather

  • Some horses don’t mind windy weather (we wish we had one of these…), but unfortunately some really, really don’t like it, and neither do some of their owners. Here’s why…

    1. Hacking

    Hacking is usually a time to relax for you and your horse. Not today. The wind throws up all sorts of surprises, from flying plastic bags to wheelie bins that could topple over at any moment — you know, the things that were scary enough without the wind, but now are definitely horse-eating monsters.

    2. Schooling

    Ditto hacking, really. Are the jump stands going to remain upright as you pass them? Who knows? One thing is for certain, you know your neck strap is going to start paying you back today.

    3. Travelling

    You avoid travelling with a horse in windy weather if you can. But for those days when you find you have to load your horse up for a vet or farrier visit, you grip the steering wheel and hope it will be over soon.

    4. Everywhere looks a mess

    You’ve swept the yard at least 20 times this morning, yet it looks like you might as well not have bothered. Although your hay is strapped down and covered, it has suddenly got a mind of its own and is strewn everywhere. The place looks like a dump. And don’t even get us started on shavings…

    5. Your horse thinks it is a wild animal

    It’s like they have never been handled. Leading to and from the field? What is that? As they swing around on the end of the lead rope, it’s like they’re singing ‘I want to break free’. You do some mental arithmetic and work out there’s only 174 sleeps left until your summer holiday.

    6. Watery eyes

    You’re cantering and can’t see as the wind has made you look like you’re in floods of tears. You’d quite like to be able to see right now (see points one and two).

    7. Feeling windswept

    When you get into the warmth of your home, how you look is quite something. You fear for the state of your hair brush once it has tried to get through your mane (think something along the lines of Bridget Jones after her head scarf got blown away in that vintage car with Hugh Grant). And then suddenly it hits you — you’re exhausted after spending too much time being rattled around by the ghastly weather.

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