It’s time to train — get ahead with these opportunities

If you want to get ahead with your horse or pony, take a look at these training opportunities you need to sign up to

In-board training

Date: 7 May
Venue: Hill House Equestrian, Market Rasen
Details: “Book your slot to practise in white dressage boards in a 20x40m arena, from 9am to 7.30pm.”
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Cross-country clinic

Date: 7 May
Venue: Mosswood, Alford
Details: “Make the most of this opportunity to school over cross-country fences with instructor Kirsty Blackmore.”
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Polework, cavaletti and gridwork

Date: 10 May
Venue: Linfield Farm, Methven
Details: “Train with Julie Spiers, a BHSAI APC registered instructor, who enjoys teaching riders of all levels and ages; beginners, happy hackers, dressage riders, showjumping enthusiasts and eventers. She teaches at Pony Club and riding club on a regular basis, as well as holding flatwork, polework and jump clinics. Her focus is on having fun, helping riders to gain confidence and improve their skills, and to build partnerships between the horse and rider.”
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Cross-country and grass showjumping clinic

Date: 12 May
Venue: Heath Farm, Godalming
Details: “This cross-country schooling session with Sam Jennings is to prepare for the upcoming season, combined with grass showjumping if you would like to do both. We will be running Wobbleberry specific groups — please state on entering if you have a friend or two (or three) that you’d like to be paired up with. Jumps start from 65cm for Wobbleberries, progressing up to the 80cm course if you wish. We will also run sessions for non-Wobbleberries wanting to school over the 80/90/100cm courses with all abilities/level of experience catered for.”
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Equine gym

Date: 13 May
Venue: World Horse Welfare Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerton
Details: “This is a polework and gymnastic exercise clinic run by Alice Darby a veterinary physiotherapist BHSAI. Alice provides an interesting insight from a veterinary physiotherapist’s point of view and has a unique way of looking at a horse and rider partnership. These sessions focus on understanding your horse’s movement, looking at common problems and giving you some inspiration for exercises you can take home to improve your horse’s strength and suppleness. There are different exercises and core themes each month, exercises are not overwhelming and can be adapted to all horse and rider combinations. Alice has a background in teaching with a friendly, fun and inclusive approach and this clinic is suitable for anyone wanting to understand and improve their horse’s way of going.”
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Dressage clinic

Date: 14 May
Venue: Mullacott Event Centre, Illfracombe
Details: “There are individual and group lessons available with John Chubb, a dressage instructor and rider who competes to BD Inter I level.”
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