Think you know your British competition venues? Try our emoji quiz….

  • Do you consider yourself a well-travelled equestrian competitor? Do you pride yourself on your ability to recite directions to any show centre in the country, or your in-depth knowledge of which venue provides the best stabling/warm-up arena/on-site bar/chips?

    Well, to give you a bit of light relief in these tough times, we have created another emoji quiz for you to get your teeth into. Listed below are the names of 18 British event venues and racecourses, depicted in emoji form. To help you out if you get stuck, we’ve included the county they are located in – how many can you identify?

    1. 🍓🚜

    Clue: located in Buckinghamshire

    2. 🆕🛒

    Clue: located in Suffolk

    3. ⬆️🌲

    Clue: located in Cornwall

    4. 🏸

    Clue: located in Gloucestershire

    5. ⛰️🌹

    Clue: located in Scotland

    6. 🖼️🏠

    Clue: located in Staffordshire

    7. 📊🍓

    Clue: located in Wiltshire

    8. 🚢👑

    Clue: located in Yorkshire

    9. ☀️🏠

    Clue: located in Gloucestershire

    10. 🔑 🅾️

    Clue: located in Bedfordshire

    11. 🆕🍓

    Clue: located in Berkshire

    12. 💬💰

    Clue: located in Derbyshire

    13. 🇳🇱🎓

    Clue: located in Cornwall

    14. 🤘🍖

    Clue: located in Leicestershire

    15. 🐚🔟🍖

    Clue: located in Gloucestershire

    16. ➕🏋️‍♂️

    Clue: located in Buckinghamshire

    17. 🐟🍖🏞️

    Clue: located in Essex

    18. 🚴‍♂️🏋️

    Clue: located in Devon

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    Find out how many you got right, and let us know your score!

    1. Bury Farm

    2. Newmarket

    3. Tall Trees

    4. Badminton

    5. Rockrose

    6. Field House

    7. Barbury

    8. Port Royal

    9. Summerhouse

    10. Keysoe

    11. Newbury

    12. Chatsworth

    13. Duchy College

    14. Rockingham

    15. Cheltenham

    16. Addington

    17. Codham Park

    18. Bicton

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