Equine superstar emoji quiz — how many can you get right?

There’s nothing quite like a good quiz to help keep us occupied during these tough times, and since our last emoji quiz proved so popular, we’ve brought you another. Settle down with a cup of tea — or a glass of wine — and see if you can identify these famous horses, depicted by emojis. They include sporting legends as well as current superstars, from various disciplines…

We’ve includud some handy hints to help you along the way, so there’s no excuse for peaking at the answers below. Good luck and enjoy!

1.  🏜️💐

Clue: a much-loved grey

2. ❌❌❌

Clue: an Olympic gold medallist for Britain

3. 👆👑

Clue: a royal equine partner

4. 💰⬇️

Clue: an eventing hero of the 1980s

5. 👶🤢🍑

Clue: a record-breaker in the world of dressage

6. 🚶

Clue: a pint-sized superstar

7. 🐆✉️

Clue: an Olympic showjumper and popular sire

8. 🔔🌹

Clue: the holder of multiple dressage titles

9. 🦁❤️

Clue: an Olympic silver medallist for Britain

10. 🔥

Clue: a true legend of the dressage world

11. 🇳🇴

Clue: a retired eventer with numerous titles to his name

12. ⛰️😇👨🎶

Clue: a great British Olympic prospect

13. 📚🐻

Clue: an Olympic gold medallist for New Zealand

14. 🤴🇬🇧

Clue: a British-bred Olympia winner

15. 🇳🇱🥇

Clue: a stalwart of the British dressage team in the late 1980s

16. 💎🔀

Clue: considered by many to be the greatest showjumper of all time

17. 💃🐺🐺

Clue: a former winner with one of Britain’s most beloved riders

18.  💕🔮

Clue: a current top showjumper

How did you get on? Check out the answers below…

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4. Priceless

5. Totilas

6. Stroller

7. Jaguar Mail

8. Bella Rose

9. Lionheart

10. Bonfire

11. Oslo

12. Mount St John Freestyle

13. Ready Teddy

14. Duke Of Britain

15, Dutch Gold

16. Gem Twist

17. Dances With Wolves

18. Hearts Destiny

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