The ultimate emoji quiz — can you name these equine greats?

  • Do you know your Grand National winners from your eventing champions and your Hickstead Derby victors?

    Whether you’re a Mastermind marvel, a champion of The Chase, a Countdown boffin or just an all-round horsey nerd, we hope you’ll enjoy working out the names of these famous horses — both past and present — spelt out for you in emojis (with some handy clues just in case you do get stuck along the way).

    Yes, it’s time to grab a cuppa, put your feet up and pit your wits against your friends in Horse & Hound’s emoji quiz. Will you score full marks? Let us know how you all get on!

    1. Clue: Won team gold at the 1952 Olympics


    2. Clue: eventing stallion


    3. Clue: dual Grand National winner


    4. Clue: Carl Hester’s Olympic mount

    💉 🔪

    5. Clue: Ben Maher’s super grand prix victor

    💥 🇼

    6. Clue: 2010 Rolex Kentucky winner


    7. Clue: double Olympic gold medallist

    ⭐️👉🏼 🌟

    8. Clue: event horse who represented Australia at the 2012 Olympics

    😊 ⏱⏱

    9. Clue: triple Grand National winner


    10. Clue: won back-to-back European championships

    🏆 ⛰

    11. Clue: Ginny Elliott’s 1987 European champion

    🌃 🎩

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    12. Clue: US champion racehorse

    🌊 🍪

    13. Clue: Robert Whitaker’s grand prix horse

    🐱 🚶‍♀️

    14. Clue: winner of the 2017 London leg of the Global Champions Tour with Scott Brash


    How do you think you scored? It’s time to check your answers below:


    1. Foxhunter
    2. Chilli Morning
    3. Tiger Roll
    4. Nip Tuck
    5. Explosion W
    6. Cool Mountain
    7. Big Star
    8. Happy Times
    9. Red Rum
    10. Supreme Rock
    11. Night Cap
    12. Seabiscuit
    13. Catwalk
    14. Hello Forever

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