6 things we scrimp on so our horses can have the best we can afford

  • Let’s face it, life is all about compromise, and when you’re a horse owner you’ll probably end up saying goodbye to many parts of your “normal” life so you can afford your equestrian one. There are things we owners do for our horses’ benefit that we would not do for ourselves.

    Owners will happily scrimp on luxuries (or even necessities!) so that their horses can have the best we can afford to give them…

    1. Shoes

    While your horse is treated to a set of shiny new footwear — which is made to specification — every five to six weeks or so, it’s likely that you’ll own a minimal collection of footwear. If you do have any spare funds for shoes it’ll go on riding boots, so chances are your “posh” shoes for those rare social occasions are the same pair of boots or heels you bought during the Black Friday sales back in 2015.

    2. Food

    Your horse’s diet has been carefully researched, planned and measured right down to the last grain. You regularly consult with a nutritionist to ensure he is dining on the finest ingredients for his level of work and build. He eats set meals a day at specific times and munches down on the best hay in the county. On the other hand, you’ve eaten the same ham and cheese sandwich for lunch every day for the past five years…

    3. Workout gear

    If you added up how much you’d spent on tack, bits and equipment over the past years, you might cry, but you don’t need a calculator to work out that the cost of your own very limited gym gear collection won’t come close to his…

    4. Bedroom

    Your own accommodation hasn’t had a revamp since you moved in and it’s definitely in need of a once-over with the hoover. Guests might even have you down as the untidy sort. On the contrary, your horse’s stable is a place cleaned and bedded with military precision. Dust-free bedding placed on top of ultra-clean rubber matting all neatly poo-picked and fluffed to perfection. Is it bad that you’d rather camp out in his stable than your own bedroom?

    5. Clothing

    The extent of your horse’s wardrobe could possibly rival that of the Kardashians’, while your own is looking a little sparse (to say the least). He has rugs for all four seasons and all possible weather conditions. You can pick out the best matchy-matchy headcollar and bandage sets, but it’s obvious that your fashion talent – and budget – ends when it comes to picking out an outfit for yourself.

    6. Education

    You quite fancy learning the piano or perhaps taking a yoga class, but when you’ve got a horse to train to the top you need all the extra pounds you can save for those weekend training sessions with the best teachers in the business. When your horse went away to be backed you spent hours researching the best rider in the area and would pay top dollar for the best eduction you could afford. When you need to learn something non-horsey yourself you must scout the free resources on the internet to find your answers…

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