9 ways to help pass the time while you’re self-isolating

  • With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic meaning some people are being told to self-isolate for anything up to 12 weeks, it can be tricky to come up with ways to pass the time.

    So we’ve come up with nine suggestions that could help to keep you entertained and positive while you are unable to spend time with other people.

    1. Listen to a podcast

    There are hundred of equestrian podcasts out there, covering a wide range of equestrian disciplines and topics, and they are fantastic at helping to pass the time.

    2. Sign up for an online training course

    There are a range of online equestrian training courses available, from stable management diplomas to courses in equine behaviour and psychology, now you might have more time on your hands, why not invest it in broadening and strengthening your knowledge?

    3. Submit footage of you riding to your instructor to see if they have any pointers

    If your instructor is happy to do so, why not submit recent footage of you riding to your coach to see if they can provide you with some useful pointers to take away and continue working on when you can get outside to ride again.

    4. Purchase a H&H subscription

    Horse & Hound will continue to be packed full with quality content, so now is a great opportunity for you to purchase a subscription, whether it be in print format, digitally or our H&H Plus service. To find out more visit: www.horseandhound.co.uk/subscriptions

    5. Get your website in order

    If you are a professional rider or a business with a website, now is a good time to refresh it and have it ready to rock and roll once everything gets going again.

    6. Collate all your horse-related photos into an album

    Whether you want to create a traditional photo album, or an online version (which tend to take a while!), you could now collate all of the photos you have collected of you and your horse over the years, so that you have something to look back on.

    7. Give your tack a thorough clean

    It’s another one of those jobs that you perhaps put off (everyone knows about the cliché surrounding horsey peoples’ cars…!), but if your tack is at home, perhaps you could give it some extreme TLC.

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    8. Turn your home into a gym

    Seeing as all gyms are closed, how about transforming a corner of your home into a gym? Hopefully it will mean that when you get back to riding, you will be ready to go.

    9. Settle into a good horsey film or series

    There are so many great equestrian films and programmes out there — delve into Netflix or similar and indulge yourself!

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