10 ways you can support small equestrian businesses and freelancers right now

  • Times are really challenging at the moment, as we are fully aware, and small businesses and freelance professionals are understandably concerned about how they are going to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. So here we bring you 10 ways you can support them…

    1. Purchase a block of lessons from your trainer, which you can use in the months to come

    2. Promote your favourite small equestrian brands and your trainer via your social media channels — something that doesn’t cost you a penny!

    3. Support event and equestrian photographers by going back through your recent or old events and ordering that photo you never got round to buying or finally putting together that photo book you’ve been meaning to do and buying several photos from seasons gone by to go in it.

    4. If you are working from home and can afford to do so, keep on your freelance groom/dog walker/cleaner, even if you now have the time to do the work yourself.

    5. Instead of asking for a refund on your entry fee from a cancelled event, how about donating it to the event or equestrian centre instead (again, if you can afford to do so) — this is happening with tickets in places such as theatres.

    6. Order any new kit or clothes you need online or over the phone from your local shop.

    7. Some trainers are thinking laterally in the current climate and offering training packages with a difference. For example, sending them a video of you riding your horse and then following this up with a FaceTime or Skype call where you can discuss points of focus and be provided with a training plan for you and your horse to take forward into future training sessions.

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    8. Purchase a gift card from your favourite equestrian business or from a schooling ground or equestrian centre that you can redeem later.

    9. Take advantage of any discounts offered by equestrian businesses at the moment.

    10. Now is a good time for people to buy presents or birthday gifts for loved ones, even if those events are months away. And Christmas isn’t that far away either…

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