Ride Like A Girl — the new horsey film you must check out

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  • There is a brand new film that has been released that all horse fanatics need to check out as soon as possible.

    Ride Like A Girl is the heart-warming, triumphant true, never give up-style story of Michelle Payne (played in the film by Teresa Palmer) who, as a little girl, dreams of the impossible: winning the coveted Flat race, the Melbourne Cup – one of horseracing’s toughest two-mile contests.

    The youngest of 10 children, Michelle is raised by her stern, widowed father Paddy (played by Sam Neill) who is also a veteran horse trainer.

    Despite tremendous mental and physical hardships, and against all expert advice, Michelle pursues her dream with grit and tenacity and, with the love of her dad and brother Stevie, overcomes the impossible odds for a shot at her dream: a ride in ‘the race that stops the nation’, the Melbourne Cup.

    An inspirational sporting story of a young girl who defies all odds in a male-dominated sport, Ride Like A Girl is a feel-good film that will leave you both exhilarated and deeply moved.

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    While we wait for cinemas to reopen, Ride Like A Girl (which has approximately a 98-minute run time and is certified as PG) will be available to watch/rent on key platforms including Sky Store, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Rakuten, Chili, BT TV, Talk Talk and Virgin from 26 June 2020.

    It is a fantastic, inspiring and uplifting film for families, fans of sports underdog movies, horse-riding fans and anyone who just loves an uplifting feeling to help them on their way.

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    In this clip, it’s race day for Michelle and there are some lovely shots of the epic crowds in the stadium and the racing ground with the horses being led out at the Melbourne Cup. Michelle walks out the tunnel and her siblings call her to wish her good luck one by one. She reaches the top of the tunnel and takes in the exciting race day surroundings and pushes forward with a determined look on her face. It is an empowering and exciting clip of what’s to come — we know what we’ll be watching tonight…!

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