The return of the sumo wrestler – plus 13 other Olympic showjumping fences you won’t want to miss

  • The Olympic showjumping individual final course is another masterpiece from Spanish course designer Santiago Varela, and promises an exciting evening in Tokyo as the individual medallists are determined.

    A total of 30 combinations qualified for this final, and will jump in reverse order of merit from yesterday’s final, with Britain’s Ben Maher the last rider to tackle the course on Explosion W.

    As with the beautiful course for the qualifier, this track incorporates plenty of Japanese culture and heritage into its design – with the return of the eye-catching sumo wrestler sure to prove popular with those watching at home.

    How big is the Olympic showjumping individual final course?

    There is a total of 14 obstacles, with 18 jumping efforts and the time allowed is 88secs. The highest fence on the course is the final effort, number 14, an upright heading towards the arena entrance which stands at an eye-watering 1.66m.  The water jump, number nine, is 4m wide.

    Take a look at the full course:

    1, FEI 100 Years

    Olympic showjumping individual final course

    Height 1.56m

    2, Hachiko

    Olympic showjumping individual final course

    Height 1.53m; spread 1.60m

    3, Samurais and katanas

    Height 1.65m

    4, Nihonbashi Bridge, Tokyo

    Height 1.54m; spread 1.60m

    5, Japanese food

    Height 1.55m; spread 1.70m

    6ab, Shinkyo bridge

    Part a – height 1.63m
    Part b – height 1.65m

    7, – Himeji Castle

    Height 1.55m; spread 1.65m

    8abc, Traditional Japanese Theatre, Kabuki

    Part a – height 1.54m; spread 1.65m
    Part b – height 1.60m
    Part c – height 1.54m; spread 1.60m

    9, Stone bridge, Shikinaen Garden

    Spread 4.00m

    10, Japanese Gong

    Height 1.66m

    11ab, Kanto Matsuri, Akita Festival

    Part a – height 1.57m; spread 1.90m
    Part b – height 1.54m; spread 1.60m

    12, Mount Fuji

    Height 1.65m

    13, Sakura

    Height 1.55m; spread 1.75m

    14, Mascot of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Height 1.66m

    Olympic showjumping individual final course plan

    olympic showjumping individual final course plan

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