When a loose horse dive bombed a dressage arena — and other stories that made you laugh in 2019

  • 1. Vets strip off in cheeky calendar

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    Vet students at the University of Nottingham ensured they were well exposed when they posed for pictures for a naked calendar. The members of VetSoc braved November temperatures to strip off for the photographs, to raise money for mental health charity MIND.

    2. 13 things you should never say to your farrier


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    Good farriers are like gold dust and should be generally prized and looked after. Try not to frighten them off with one of these…

    3. ‘I thought I’d give a walker a heart attack!’: young rider strips off to raise safety awareness

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    A rider who stripped off in November rainfall to jump in the altogether said she hopes her efforts will raise awareness of the importance of wearing a safety helmet.

    4. Loose event horse dive bombs dressage arena #WhatHappenedNext

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    Doing dressage without any distractions is tricky enough, but Imogen Murray and Roheryn Ruby had to cope with avoiding an extra horse in their arena during Oasby Horse Trials at the start of the 2019 eventing season.

    5. 7 moments from Royal Windsor Horse Show that will make you laugh (and maybe cringe too)

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    Getting to the Royal Windsor Horse Show is a career highlight for many — not much beats the prestige of competing in The Queen’s back garden. But things don’t always go to plan…

    6. 6 things only the owners of spooky horses will understand

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    Some horses are a little more sensitive than others – where his hacking companions see a leaf, he sees a fire-breathing dragon and prepares to take evasive action. Here’s what to expect if your horse is more ‘untamed explosion’ than ‘bombproof’…

    7. 7 things non-horsey people say which might offend horsey people…

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    We might be harder than nails when it comes to battling through the elements to get our horses exercised during winter or when navigating tricky terrain on the hunting field, but words can hurt us horsey folk, too. Here are seven phrases non-equestrians often bat around but might not realise horse owners can find offensive…

    8. 8 things we do to save time that only make us later than ever

    mucking out

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    In the winter, horse owning is a constant race between darkness falling and getting all your jobs done. It’s no wonder we start to look around for little shortcuts to help us out — but sometimes we remember why our grandmothers would say “more haste, less speed”…

    9. 9 things horsey people say in the office in winter (with translations for non-horsey colleagues)

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    Ah winter. Other people may rave about Christmas and crisp frosty mornings, but the reality for riders tends to be freezing in hacks, struggling to fit in rides with short daylight hours and battling with mud. Because non-horsey colleagues need a helping hand, we compiled this handy guide for your muggle co-workers to help them understand your winter lingo…

    10. 26 of the best (OK, weirdest) horse names we have ever heard

    funny horse names

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    From Broomstick the skinny thoroughbred who liked to take off, to the German-bred Kraut, some horse names are so bad, they’re unforgettably good.

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