Stay motivated this winter with our exciting new training series

  • The Horse & Hound eTraining Prelim Plan has been designed to help you stay motivated and to help you reach your training goals this winter. Whether your aims are to get inspiration for your schooling, perfect your prelim test-riding, compete more, achieve a personal best or join a virtual community to share the highs and lows of training, this programme is designed to help you enjoy your winter training more.

    Looking at what is needed for prelim tests 1 to 19, you’ll get the motivation and training you need to perform better than ever during this eTraining series, all from the comfort of your own arena.

    Is it for me?

    This plan is suitable for anyone who is looking to add some structure to their winter riding. With the arrival of the dark evenings, chilly temperatures and relentless rain, we all need some motivation. Our exercises, tips and advice will inspire you to stick with your training each week, and get you in the school.

    This plan is for everyone, from those wanting to take part in dressage competitions to those who just enjoy trying out new exercises at home.

    How does it work?

    On signing up to the programme, you’ll start receiving a series of emails to guide you through the process. Each week you’ll receive new exercises to try out at home, top tips and expert advice. You’ll also have the option to watch a rider performing each week’s prelim test with feedback from top judge, rider and trainer Isobel Wessels.

    What does the series involve?

    Training and guidance

    Whether you’re looking to try a prelim test for the first time, or you’re a seasoned competitor wanting to beat your personal best, this series will provide you with online test-riding videos, training advice, top tips, coaching expertise and useful exercises to try at home to get you competition ready. Are you ready to start your transformation?

    Keep motivated

    Share your progress, pictures, advice, results or what you’ve achieved that day with others in our e-community. Our eTraining Facebook group will provide you with an area for secure online discussion and support, whatever time of day, wherever you are. Get involved.

    Track your progress

    We’ll provide you with a weekly tracker where you can tick off the elements of the plan you’ve completed and keep notes about how everything is going. At the end of the eight weeks you’ll be so proud of how far you’ve come.

    Capture the moment

    Tell us about your progress and competition results within our e-community. Take photos throughout the series and reflect on just how much you’ve progressed. This is your time to shine.

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    Joining the H&H eTraining journey also gives you full access to the Horse & Hound Plus service. Which includes access to all the exclusive breaking news and opinion from top equestrians as well as access to our in-depth veterinary library, which contains the latest thinking based on recent research on the most common conditions horses owners are likely to come across which has been curated and approved by Horse & Hound’s top vet consultant Karen Coumbe.

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