Prelim Plan: Transform your winter training

This brand new eTraining Prelim Plan will give you all the tools you need to improve your flatwork this winter.

Delivered over eight weeks, the plan includes:

✓ an eight-week training plan to help give your training structure and focus

✓ a weekly tracker to track your progress

✓ a weekly eLesson giving you access to expert coaching and advice and exercises to try out in your training

✓ access to exclusive weekly test-riding videos with expert advice from a top judge

✓ weekly 20-minute workout exercises to try

✓ access to expert advice and top tips

✓ be part of the eTraining community and share your journey with like-minded people

This plan will help you to reach your goals – whether it’s perfecting prelim tests, competing more, achieving a personal best or meeting new people while having fun, this online series is designed to provide you with the motivation and training advice you need to perform better than ever at prelim level, all from the comfort of your own arena.

Test riding videos

• Weekly test-riding videos
• Expert advice from Isobel Wessels
• Watch a rider ride through a different prelim test each week
• Find out the common errors and how to avoid them


• Eight weekly eLessons
• Access to expert coaching advice
• Take away practice advice and exercises
• Train where and when suits you

Expert advice and top tips

• Top tips you can use in your training
• Experts answer the questions important for your goals
• Delivered in an easy-to-understand way

How it works 

Step 1 – sign up 

Join quickly and easily online and register for your eTraining account.

Step 2 – welcome and create your account

Your welcome email will be delivered to you within 24 hours and you will set up your account to access the course content.

Step 3 – weekly emails 

Three emails a week for eight weeks. Email one will deliver your eLesson, test-riding video and a training tracker for the week, email two will include a new 20-minute exercise for you to take away and practise, plus some top dressage content, and email three will offer top tips and expert advice.

Step 4 – stay on track 

Stay motivated and on track by logging your riding in your training tracker, and join our eTraining community to share your journey with others taking part in the course.

Step 5 – completion certificate

At the end of your eight weeks you’ll be awarded your completion certificate, and we encourage you to share your story of what you learnt and achieved through the plan with us.

The Prelim Plan course content

Week one

Perfect your circles and Prelim 1 test riding video

Track your training

20-minute workout – rider focus

Tips for training the unmotivated horse

Isobel Wessels’ dressage tips

Week two

Perfect halt and Prelim 7 test riding video

Track your training

20-minute workout – how to avoid cutting corners

How to achieve the perfect dressage position

How to learn your dressage test

Week three

Mastering your free walk and Prelim 12 test riding video

Track your training

20-minute workout – perfect free walk

Improve your horse’s understanding of your aids

How to encourage your horse to stretch and relax

Week four

Improve your centre lines and Prelim 13 test riding video

Track your training

20-minute workout – raised polework

How to warm up effectively

How to ride a winning dressage test

Week five

Give and retake and Prelim 14 test riding video

Track your training

Straightening the canter

Perfect transitions

How to master sitting trot

Week six

Accuracy, rhythm and impulsion and Prelim 15 test riding video

Track your training

20-minute workout – riding forwards in downwards transitions

How to prevent jogging in your dressage test

Working your horse on the bit

Week seven

Canter to trot transitions across the diagonal and Prelim 17 test riding video

Track your training

Improving your stretch on a circle and Prelim 19 test riding video

Earn more marks in your dressage test

Improve your horse’s topline

Week eight

Performing super serpentines and Prelim 18 test riding video

Track your training

Tips for taking part in online dressage

Understanding your dressage test sheet

Download your completion certificate


Lisa Bates

“I’m really pleased with the eLesson plans and now having structure for my schooling – it’s great! Being a novice at dressage, this is the much-needed boost I need for the next stage.

“Today I did my first-ever 20m circle in canter – my horse has hardly done any canter work, so I’m pleased with this week’s lesson plan. I don’t think we’d have had a plan before starting prelim without eTraining, so I’m looking forward to seeing how we progress!”

Rebekah Naylor Hirst

“I am finding the Horse & Hound eTraining very motivational at this time of year when it is easy not to ride in the cold. It has given me something to work towards now we have just started doing prelim tests.

“I enjoy seeing how the others are getting along in their training and trying out the weekly schooling exercise, and I find Isobel Wessel’s test commentary extremely helpful. Thank you!”