Hold on tight! 7 large leaps that left us in awe

  • It’s safe to say some horses can be a little dramatic with their jumping technique. Whether they don’t fancy the look of a colourful filler (didn’t you know they eat horses?), relish spending time in the air or just get carried away across country, these scopey equines take some beating. We’re equally impressed by the jockeys sitting such enormous jumps in style — they’d be forgiven for hanging on for their lives…

    7 scopey horses and ponies that left us open-mouthed

    1. Millie the ex-racehorse gives a showjump plenty of room. Who knows what could be hiding within that bright blue water tray…

    2. Suzie Macken shared this picture of the wonderful Geldof. Suzie bought the 15.2hh cob from a cattle market for €200 as an unhandled five-year-old. Geldof is now eight and whips-in with the County Waterford Foxhounds. He is pictured being ridden by Suzie’s parter, Darren Weldon. The pair landed in style and left their audience awe-struck.

    3. Hold on tight! Stunning showjumper Vinnie and Kerry Stamp take an impressive leap off a step. We’re not sure we would have been as well prepared.

    4. Yasy Blick’s 13.3hh piebald pony hedge hops in style, proving that cobs certainly can. What a little star.

    5. Corrina Duncan and her hunter Wizzard take a flying lesson. Perhaps Wizard thought the rail was in line with the fence post?

    6. Lovely grey Silver and Anna Jones jump in style. (Credit: Sarah Bowker)

    7. What’s under that fence? Georgina Ewell and First Lady Blue get some air at Treborough Horse Trials. (Picture by Tanzy Lee)

    Does you ride a scopey showjumper, powerhouse pony or huge hedge-hopper? We’d love to see your pictures. Post them below the story on social media or send us a private message with your best photographs.

    These pictures came from our weekly Scopey Saturday feature on Horse & Hound’s Facebook page. Keep your eyes peeled for next year’s theme…

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