How to watch the European Championships in Aachen on TV

If, like most of us, you are unable to get to Aachen in Germany for either the European Dressage or European Showjumping Championships (11-23 August), here’s how you can keep up-to-date with all of the action without leaving the comfort of your own home.

European Dressage and Showjumping Championships TV coverage

Provisional BBC TV coverage:

16 August, 2.50-4pm: dressage freestyle, BBC Two

16 August, 12.20-4.20pm: dressage freestyle, BBC red button (will have a commentary-free option)

20 August, 1.15-4.55pm: first round team showjumping, red button and BBC Sport website

21 August, 4-7.20pm: second round team showjumping, BBC Sport website

22 August, 2.30-4pm: showjumping team highlights, BBC One and BBC Sport website

23 August, 3-5.40pm: showjumping individual competition, red button and BBC sport website

24 August, 3-4pm: showjumping individual highlights

FEI TV coverage (This is an online live streaming subscription service)

11 August

7pm: European Championships opening ceremony

12 August

8.30am: grand prix dressage first session
1.05pm: grand prix dressage second session

13 August

9.50am: grand prix dressage third session
12.50pm: grand prix dressage fourth session

14 August

7.20am: reining first individual qualifier
12.40pm: reining team final

15 August

9.50am: grand prix special dressage final
5.05pm: reining second individual qualifier

16 August

8.50am: reining individual final
12.20pm: dressage grand prix freestyle final

19 August

8.50am: driving dressage part I first session
11.05am: driving dressage part I second session
1.20pm: showjumping first individual qualifier

20 August

8.50am: vaulting compulsory squad
11.05am: driving dressage part II first session
12.50pm: vaulting compulsory female
1.10pm: showjumping first round team qualifier

21 August

8.50am: vaulting female freestyle
12.50pm: driving obstacle
1.30pm: vaulting male freestyle
3.50pm: showjumping team final
3.50pm: vaulting squad freestyle

22 August

9.50am: vaulting male technical
10.50am: driving marathon
11.20am: vaulting female technical
2.20pm: vaulting pas de deux freestyle
7.15pm: driving medal ceremony

23 August

10.20am: vaulting feamale freestyle final
12.00pm: vaulting squad freestyle final
2.50pm: showjumping individual final first round
4.20pm: showjumping individual final second round
5.20pm: closing ceremony

Horse & Country TV

21 August, 9pm — team dressage
24 August, 9pm — grand prix special dressage
25 August, 9pm — freestyle dressage
27 August, 9pm — team showjumping
29 August, 9pm — individual showjumping

There will be a number of repeated transmissions of these programmes for the two weeks following the premiere. Check schedule for details.

The Horse & Hound team will be publishing regular written reports, complete with video interviews with the winning riders, on throughout the championships.