Currently horse-less? Here are 5 things all riders who are in between horses can relate to

  • At some point in your riding journey, you’re likely to find yourself without a horse for at least a short period of time.

    If you’re currently without a horse or pony, or you’re on the hunt for your next best friend, here are five things you’re sure to relate to…

    You suddenly have so much free time

    Obviously, with no horse or pony to fill your mornings, evenings and weekends, you’re going to find yourself with an abundance of time to yourself. For the first few weeks you might find yourself completely at a loss, so in default mode you might head to the yard to help out. Alternatively, might throw yourself into a new hobby or activity, or you might even spend your time vegged out on the sofa, something you never, ever get to when you’re at the beck and call of a horse.

    You miss the routine

    When you own a horse your daily schedule runs like clockwork. You’ve become the ultimate multitasker, especially in the mornings when you’re battling against the clock to get everything done before heading to work. Without the need to go and tend to an animal, your alarm clock almost becomes redundant and the slick routine you’ve adopted to ensure you leave the house on time falls to the wayside. While the odd lie in is probably very welcome, it’s good practice to find something else to get you going in the mornings. Maybe you’ll take up yoga, or jogging (or maybe not…).

    Your bank balance increases

    Equestrians will know the familiar sight of having your wage packet disappear in an instant. Vet and farrier bills, livery, feed, grooming products and training (we could go on…) all cost money and any extra cash you have will definitely go on an extra competition entry or a new bit of kit. Without the cost of a horse you’re likely to have some extra money to treat yourself, or, dare we say it, go on a holiday (which isn’t the summer championships).

    You will still attend your favourite shows and events

    Come January, your calendar is usually littered with ‘must attend’ competitions for you and your horse, but without a four-legged partner there’s no longer a need to enter and stress about where to go. But you can definitely still pack up your car and attend your favourite comps as a spectator. While it might take some time to get used to being on the other side of the fence at a show, it’s a great opportunity to hang out with friends (yes, our social lives do also revolve around horses) and actually take in the event instead of manically rushing around so you don’t miss your class. Maybe you could even groom for a friend, so you’re still in on the action but without the pressure.

    You’ll probably buy another horse

    Let’s face it, once a horsey person, always a horsey person and if you can’t get your riding fix by borrowing a friend or family member’s horse, you’ll be off to see another prospect in no time at all.

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