Are you up to the #CupOfTeaChallenge? Check these 13 brave (and skilled) riders out…

  • A recent social media phenomenon has hit the online equestrian community — the #CupOfTeaChallenge. Started by dressage rider Charlie Hutton, plenty of other riders have decided to take him on in their own versions of the challenge, with some sticking to fancy flatwork, while others have put their brave pants on and incorporated some jumps. The challenge? Hold a mugful of tea in one hand, reins in the other, and try not to spill anything.

    So let’s take a look at some of the #CupOfTeaChallengers — we doff our caps to you!

    Charlie Hutton kicked things off

    No saddle? No problem!

    No stirrups and looking very good


    No bridle in sight


    This group of ladies have got it nailed

    This is impressive

    Nice one!

    This one is pretty extreme but this chap is a professional stuntman (we also recommend wearing an up-to-standard riding helmet)

    Why not throw a dinosaur in there for good measure?

    Don’t spill!

    OK so it’s not a cup of tea, but this pony looks buzzy, so we’ll let you have this one…

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