Everything you need to know about British Eventing day passes

British Eventing (BE) day passes (formerly known as British Eventing day tickets) are a great way for people to have a go at an affiliated event without needing to purchase full-blown horse and rider membership. Here’s everything you need to know to get started…

What are they?

One horse and rider day pass gives a combination the chance to compete with BE for one day at BE90, BE100, novice or intermediate novice level. Horses can have an unlimited number of passes in a season, but riders can only have four passes in a season.

How they work

Day passes can be purchased via the BE website or by downloading a day pass form. Each pass has a unique number which is required to make an entry — this number will be emailed to the rider and will be visible on the ‘My Details’ area of the BE website.

How much they cost

Day pass membership must first be purchased for an annual fee of £10. After this you are able to purchase a day pass. Each day pass is £16 and if neither horse or rider are full members of BE or hold a season ticket, you will need to buy a horse pass and a rider pass. These cost £25 instead of £32 but only if you purchase them online and in the same transaction.

Things worth noting

BE80(T), riding club and Pony Club BE competitions — if you are aiming at entering one of these classes you need to buy a training pass, not a day pass. These passes cost £15 per pass and will need to be purchased alongside a £10 day pass membership

BE Young Horse Championships — Any horse taking part in the BE Young Horse Championships four-year-old qualifying classes will need to run on a day pass and they can only run four times in total in a season, including the four-year-old Young Horse Championships.

Balloting — day pass competitors riding horses also on a pass are more likely to get balloted if an event is over-subscribed. Full members on horses with a pass are marginally less likely to get balloted while entries from pass competitors on season ticket horses are less likely again to get balloted. Balloting is further explained here: www.horseandhound.co.uk/british-eventing-ballot-numbers

Refunds — refunds for passes are only administered for medical, veterinary, balloting or abandonment reasons and any refund must be applied for before 31 December of the year in which the pass was purchased. Applications should be sent to info@britisheventing.com

What you get for your day pass membership

There are a range of benefits on offer once you have purchased this temporary membership including:

  • Access to the member advantages scheme offered to full members which contains over 400 discounted offers
  • A free shortened online version of British Eventing Life magazine
  • Joining at the lower renewal rate for any future paid full membership of BE
  • Lower entry fees for JAS and Jump Training competitions
  • Members discounted rates for BE training courses
  • A BE members handbook containing rules, dressage tests and more

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