Are these the UK’s cheekiest horses? [PICTURES]

  • We asked H&H readers to send in pictures of their horses’ cheeky antics and we were inundated with photographs of mischievous mares and geldings, as well as a few naughty donkeys and dogs.

    Here are some of our favourites…

    ‘Splits at E’

    Cheeky!“My cheeky horse is a rising five KWPN mare out of VDL Groep Verdi (Olympic team silver and WEG team gold),” said Tara Whitmarsh.

    “She is 17hh and called Faijelle (stable name: Jelly Bean). I bought her in March 2014 when she had just been backed. She is my first horse.

    “She likes to invent new dressage moves — we call this one “splits at E”.”

    DIY expert


    “Solly is nine years old and loves nothing better than helping around the yard,” said Julie Saddler. “In this particular instance he was helping my dad fix the field shelter.”

    Scarf thief

    Scarf thief

    “This is my two-year-old Welsh section D colt Eglwysfach Prince Harry,” said Nerys Evenden. “His favourite game is to steal hats, gloves and scarves. This is him with my mum’s head scarf blowing in the wind last spring.”

    Duvet day


    “This is my very cheeky ex racehorse Valento aka “Lenny” who decided last sunday that he fancied a lazy sunday in the field,” said Bekah Firman.

    “When I tried to get him up, he lay flat out, shut his eyes and snorted! Took me a while to coax him up and in from the field that day.”

    Nosey parker


    “This is my Welsh/cob gelding Joker,” said Rebecca McKay-Smith. “He is eight-years-old and lives in Cornwall. He loves to lean on the gate and watch what goes on outside his paddock.”

    Canine companion

    Yolo being very clever....with Patch and Rosie...“This is Yolo having fun with my two cobs,” said Anna Daly. “They adore her and she loves riding them.”

    Donkey in the house


    “This is our five-year old jenny, Coco, making her way into the house,” said Peter Muckle. “She is extremely curious and forward-going when it comes to inspecting new things!”

    Step up


    Julie Rue’s Silver wishes he was a little taller…


    …but being small does have some advantages

    Lending a hoof


    “Here is Sonny, who I’ve had for six years. He likes to give me a helping hand whenever he can,” said Madi Edwards. “Every time you leave a broom outside his stable, he will help me with the sweeping up.

    “He’s such a cheeky personality and this is just one of the antics he gets up to! As well as this he also constantly opens his stable door.”

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    Poo picking


    “The bay is my ex racehorse David Lloyd George (aka Naughty George),” said Clare Lewis. “He likes to intervene when anyone poo picks. Here he is showing his latest trick with the poop scoop!”

    The rug-ripper


    “This is my thoroughbred Spring To Mind, aka Ferdi,” said Samatha Parry. “As you can see he loves to have things in mouth! He regularly tries to take his friend Cian’s rug off and if he’s not doing that he’s either carrying a tyre or traffic cone around his field.

    “You also can’t leave him near a horse that is wearing a head collar otherwise Ferdi is taking them for a walk. There is never a dull moment when Ferdi’s around!”



    “This is my two-year-old miniature Shetland, Janpau Zeus (Bolt),” said Rebekah Seward. “He has bags of character and always has everyone laughing.

    “The moment he spots a camera he always gives his best shot!”

    Small man syndrome

    “This is Humbug, my son’s miniature Shetland pony,” said Laura. “He doesn’t like it when he can’t see what is going on when the stable door is shut.

    “He proceeds to tip over his water bucket and stand on it with his front legs so he can see you. We have since put a couple of chains across so now a happy bunny when in the stable. Small man syndrome…but clever!”



    “This is Tiptoe Hurricaine (Bubbles) at Thompson House Equestrian Centre. He is one of the driving ponies there and is 13 years old, 35.5 inches high, and thinks he’s the boss,” said Naidene Byrne.

    “Every time the school has been harrowed and cleaned, he puts his own stamp on it by having a poo. He seems to be pleased with himself when the challenge is complete.”

    Pulling up fences

    “My horse Murrumbidgee is an ex racehorse whom I rehomed after an injury,” said Jessi Godleman.

    “He is forever causing trouble throwing things around, he particularly enjoys pulling electric fence posts up and helping with the poo picking. He thinks he’s extremely funny, although we aren’t so sure!”

    Higher ground

    “My mare Indie is the smallest on our yard at 14.1hh and loves standing on anything to make her higher than the rest,” said Lian.



    “Pictured is Scooter (horse) and Crumble (dog),” said Jade Letts. “Scooter like to wait until the dogs aren’t looking and then sneaks up behind them and sniffs or nudges them.”

    Does your horse give these cheeky horses a run for their money? Let us know about their antics below…

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