9 white lies horse riders will tell from time to time

While we agree that honesty is definitely the best policy, there are certain times in our hectic lives as equestrians when it’s necessary to fabricate the truth slightly.

Here are nine examples of white lies most horsey people will have told at some point…

1. ‘I’ll be back from the yard in a couple of hours’

Add at least two hours onto this and then you might have a more realistic time. In other words, never plan anything for the exact time a horse rider says they’ll be home as you’re guaranteed to be waiting around.

2. ‘I bought it in the sale’

That rug that just landed through the door was definitely the brand new, high-tech, limited edition turnout you’d had your eye on since its release a few days ago…

3. ‘I’m not doing that many shows this season’

This promise has fallen by the wayside and your calendar is once again jam-packed with county shows and championship fixtures, like it is every year.

4. ‘I’ll clean my tack tomorrow’

Many weeks later and your bridle is still gagging for a lathering of oil and your stirrups are still caked in dry mud from the last meet of the season.

5. ‘I haven’t seen your really expensive bit, sorry’

Correction, I did use your bit but I left it in my car so I’ll get that back to you tomorrow without you knowing, sorry.

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6. ‘I would never put smelly horse rugs in here’

A not so convincing reply when your other half asks what that atrocious smell is in their freshly valeted car.

7. ‘He just had the one down today’

An easy answer when your fellow livery asks how you got on at the show. You just really can’t be bothered to explain what actually happened; how your horse stopped at the second fence, chucked you over his head and proceeded to wreak havoc before being caught.

8. ‘I don’t have time to ride today’

More like I really don’t have the motivation or I’m far too hungover to ride today.

9. ‘I needed another horse to keep mine company in the field’

I actually have no intention at all of turning them out together, I just wanted a new one.

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