8 (demanding) thoughts of a pampered stabled horse this winter

  • It’s that time of year again. With a long winter ahead of us some of our four-legged friends spend their evenings in a nice, cosy stable out of the harsh weather. So what might they be thinking about this pampered lifestyle?

    1. It’s 4pm, it’s getting dark, now where is my mum? She promised me she would be back to take me inside. Maybe if I pace up and down the fence line she will appear? I might shout in distress and then she’ll know it’s an emergency…

    2. It’s raining and I’m inside — this is the life. But where on earth is my tea? It’s usually here waiting for me. This can only mean one thing… Dreaded exercise. My neighbour is smugly eating his tea — I’m going to stand in the corner and sulk in protest.

    3. I’m not sure about layout of my bed… I think we need a bit of a shuffle around. Let’s kick a bit of straw here and there. Ahh.  Things are starting to look a little comfier. I can’t understand why humans spend hours putting it back how it was each day..

    4. I’m sleepy… I think I might have a lie down… And I think I’ll have a little roll onto my other side… Oh no, I’m stuck. Help! Mum? Anyone?

    5. Mmm this yellow stuff on the floor is loads tastier than it looks. It can’t hurt to have little snack, can it?

    6. What on earth is this ball hanging down? Why won’t it stay still while I try to lick it? Is this some kind of sick trick? ‘Boredom buster’ you say? You’re making me look like a fool…

    7. Oops. When I heard my friend coming into the barn I got excited. Who left my water in such a silly place? I need a re-fill please…

    8. Tick-tock. Where is my breakfast? I swear it gets later every morning… *Kicks stable door*

    9. Is it nearly time for the field? Bets on for how quickly I can escape this stable… *Steps on owner’s foot*

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