12 reasons horsey folk make the best possible festival-goers (when not in lockdown)

  • We are supposed to be in the full swing of festival season at the moment but, due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are no festivals for us to go and enjoy at the moment. However, while we’re sat at home, missing the likes of Glastonbury, we thought we would reflect on why equestrians make ultimate music festival buddies — afterall, we are often known for their grit, determination, bravery and ability to endure some of the toughest conditions…

    1. Mud

    We have spent a winter knee deep in mud — what is one more weekend? While festival revellers flock to supermarkets to buy wellies for the weekend, we already have our trusty pair broken in from winter (and the winter before that too), which means no blisters for us.

    2. Super strength

    People arrive at the festival struggling with heavy rucksacks — we carry bags of bedding and feed without flinching. Our muscles have been in training for this all year!

    3. Hardy

    While festival goers fret about spending a night in the great outdoors, sleeping on the floor, we have spent our youth at Pony Club camp. We’ll have the tent pitched before our neighbours have even got the instructions out.

    4. Resourceful

    When cries are heard across the campsite asking if anyone has a spare guy-rope, us reliable equestrians will always have some bailer twine tucked away in a pocket at the ready (just in case of an emergency).

    5. Crowds

    We’re not deterred by huge crowds of people. We’ve been to Badminton and Burghley and made sure we got the perfect view at both the iconic Lake and Trout Hatchery — we’ll have you at the front, seeing your favourite band in no time.

    6. Memory of an elephant

    Groups of friends are often heard debating which direction it is to the next stage. With our ability to remember a dressage test, showjumping course and cross-country course all on the same day, you can guarantee we’ll already have the site map memorised.

    7. What sleep?

    An equestrian has been tuned to thrive on as little sleep as possible. Late nights and early morning starts are no fear for an equestrian — we’re already in show season mode.

    8. Cleanliness

    The line for the burger van has revellers furiously applying hand gel. We’re used to holding a horse for the farrier while eating a sandwich and simultaneously giving our horse a good head scratch (although on second thoughts, our horses are probably a bit cleaner!)

    9. Did someone say hangover?

    The morning after the night before at a music festival hears many complaints of sore heads across the campsite. We’ve done adult riding camp and successfully ridden cross-country at 8am even with a gin or two the evening before — what hangover?

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    10. Low maintenance

    As people frantically scrub mud off with baby-wipes and the air is thick with dry shampoo, we throw on a baseball cap on and we’re ready for the next day.

    11. Stamina

    An equestrian is already trained in the art of long days and little food — a music festival is literally just another walk in the park to us.

    12. Our spirits can never be dampened

    What’s a little rain at a festival? We have faced lost shoes, expensive vet bills, days where not one showjump will stay up — we know to always look on the bright side.

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