5 horse photography poses we’ve all seen

  • Whether you’re a seasoned professional equestrian photographer or a devoted owner with a smart phone, if you’ve ever tried to take a photo of a horse then the chances are you’ll recognise these equine poses…

    The Comedian

    However your photo starts off, it ends up being of a big, whiskery muzzle or possibly a super-close-up nostril. Some horses either think that cameras are made of carrots, or they just have a warped sense of humour. The only way to foil this character is to hold him at a safe distance and ask someone else to take the photo. Either way, resign yourself to a camera covered in slobber.

    The Camouflage Artist

    Your horse is standing right there in front of you, ears pricked, sunshine dappling his coat, making a perfect picture. You whip out your phone, open the camera app, raise your head…and he’s gone. You eventually track him down on the other side of the field, hiding in the hedge with a knowing smirk on his face.

    The Greta Garbo

    Sometimes, your horse just ‘wants to be alone’. You may think that pics of him scoffing his dinner or dozing in the sun are adorable, but your horse isn’t having any of it. The angle you seem to end up photographing most often is his bum, as he walks briskly away from you.

    The Shy Guy

    If your horse is a timid type turned out with a Comedian, this can get a bit frustrating. You’re leaning over the gate trying to get a nice shot when Comedian horse says “oh look, a camera!” and hustles your horse out of the way for his close up. Your only chance of getting a photo of your horse which doesn’t just show him as a tiny pair of ears in the distance is to wait until he’s alone in the field.

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    The Tap Dancer

    We’re not sure if this horse loves being photographed so much he can’t stand still with excitement, or if he hates it so much he’s not prepared to give you the satisfaction. Either way, it’s impossible to make him stay still long enough to get a decent shot. Every time you show someone a pic of your horse, you have to start off by saying: “It’s a bit blurry…”

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