11 everyday sights and situations that irritate horse owners

  • There are certain things in life — such as traffic jams and slow walkers — that annoy everyone. But there are also some very specific situations that tend to only get up the noses of the horsey people of the universe.

    Here are 11 everyday things that annoy the hell out of us equestrians…

    1. When a perfectly flat, green field has no horses or jumps in it

    The things a horse rider can do with very little acreage is impressive, so when they see a completely empty field their imaginations can start to go a little wild. If the farmer ever needs a hand to get rid of some of that grass, I know three or four (or five) four-legged creatures who could help him out…

    2. When the supermarket has run out of apples and carrots

    That’s my horse in a bad mood when I get to the yard this evening with no treats.

    3. When people drive too fast on country lanes

    Even when dismounted, speedy drivers who rush around blind corners and zoom through narrow roads give us the shivers.

    4. When a bridle path has been blocked off

    You’ve waited all week to go on your favourite hack to find that someone’s — intentionally or unintentionally — barricaded the entrance to the bridleway. You’re certainly no Sherlock Holmes, but you will get to the bottom of this.

    5. When cyclists don’t give way to riders on a bridlepath

    Equally infuriating, but definitely more dangerous.

    6. When other horse riders don’t say thank you on the road

    You try your best to be a polite and courteous rider to drivers and other road users (unless point number three applies to them) but when other horse riders can’t be bothered to say thanks, you wonder why you bother.

    7. When people say horse riding isn’t a sport

    Usually followed by “well, the horse does all the work”. Grrr!

    8. When your local shop has sold out of H&H magazines

    Thursdays just aren’t the same if you can’t get your H&H fix!

    9. When people have the audacity to plan their social events on summer champs week

    Sorry, please change your wedding date, I have a championship to win.

    10. When a large barn is used for storage, not stabling

    Horse riders are really just architects dressed in jodhpurs and raincoats.

    11. When people ask if they can have a go on your horse (or if their son or daughter can)

    Asking if you can ride my horse when you have never ridden in your life is the same as asking if you can drive my car when you’ve never been behind the wheel…

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