11 Christmas cracker jokes that might make you chuckle

  • Merry Christmas from the H&H team! If you’ve escaped from the festive mayhem in your house, take a minute to have a chuckle at these horsey jokes.

    We know that cracker jokes are a low-point of any Christmas day — but surely an equestrian twist makes them bearable? We think so.

    Get ready to ho ho ho…

    1. Why did the man stand behind the horse?
    He was hoping to get a kick out of it

    2. How do you make an appaloosa?
    Shake the tree

    3. Which cheese do horses like to hide behind?

    4. When do vampires like racing?
    When it’s neck and neck

    5. What sort of horses come out after dark?

    6. What’s a horse’s favourite TV show?

    7. When does a horse talk?
    Whinny wants to!

    8. Why did the pony have to gargle?
    Because it was a little horse

    9. What disease are horses scared of getting?
    Hay fever

    10. What do you call a 3-legged donkey?
    A wonky

    11. What kind of bread does a horse eat?

    Have you got a favourite horsey joke? Let us know below…

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