Spanish style saddle launched to fit baroque-type horses

  • First Thought Equine has launched a Spanish style saddle specifically designed to fit baroque-type horses, such as Lusitano and Andalusian breeds.

    The WOW Baroque saddle is aimed at classical dressage riders who want to use a Spanish style saddle with the attributes of standard WOW saddles.

    “The saddle has been designed to face the conformational challenges of the baroque horse, and features the WOW carbonfibre tree, which moves with the horse’s shoulder,” said a First Thought Equine spokesman.

    “For an extravagantly-moving horse such as the Lusitano, this is very important.”

    The WOW Baroque also comes with extra wide gullet fittings and has the option of Flair air bag flocking, which reduces pressure on the back.

    For more information visit www.wowsaddles.com

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