8 products to help horses to beat their boredom

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  • Is your horse on box rest, prone to cribbing, destructive chewing, box walking or gets restless in the field? If so then here are our pick of the products designed to combat these traits.

    Toys or licks for your horses are great to alleviate their boredom when they are on box-rest, have to be stabled for long periods of time or get stressed and bored out in the field. They may also distract horses that are prone to cribbing, destructive chewing or box walking. These boredom busters can also be used with horses that get upset away from home as seeing something that they usually find in their home stable while in their away stable may give them some comfort. Some of these toys and licks use edible treats, therefore it’s important that you know that these will not disturb your horse’s diet and if you are choosing a toy to use in the field then we suggest you choose a strong, robust one.

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    Nettex Tastylyx

    A range of tasty, natural flavoured treats which can be used to alleviate boredom during long periods of stabling, aiming to help reduce the onset of stable vices. They are also great to reward your horse after exercise, for good behaviour, after a farrier or vet visit. They can be used in the stable with most standard lick holders and come in three different flavours – apple, mint and carrot.
    RRP: £2.99 for 650g tub, £8.45 for pack of 3
    Visit: www.nettexequine.com

    Likit Boredom Buster

    Developed to provide environmental enrichment, this challenging stable toy is designed to get horses to work for the Likit reward (which is sold separately).
    RRP: £16.99
    Visit: www.likit.co.uk

    Original Landmühle herbal lick

    This lick contains herbs, such as fennel fruits, thyme, licorice root, elderberry blossoms, sage leaves and ribwort. This lick simply hang on the stable wall for horses to enjoy whenever they like.
    RRP: £8.99
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Horseman’s Jolly Apple

    The Horseman’s Jolly Apple is a large toy which can be hung up in the stable to help alleviate your horse’s boredom. It can help to distract the horse from cribbing and destructive chewing behaviour. Made from durable, non-toxic plastic.
    RRP: £10.01
    Visit: www.viovet.co.uk

    Likit Snak-a-Ball

    This robust feeding ball has a unique internal baffle plate which limits the amount of food deposited on the ground at any one time, thereby slowing consumption rates for a more natural trickle feeding pattern.
    RRP: £25
    Visit: www.robinsonsequestrian.com

    Jolly Ball

    This ball is made of hard wearing material that resists deflating when bitten, kicked, tossed around or rolled on. You can choose which bright colour you want it in and whether it should be scented or unscented. This ball is best used out in the field.
    RRP: £24.19
    Visit: www.amazon.co.uk

    Stubbs Rock N Roll ball

    Combining a shape that is difficult to roll in a straight line with generous size, this dribble treat feeder will keep a horse very busy. The dispensing hole is 30mm diameter and suits most treats. With a separate built-in funnel, filling is easy and quick. Moulded from ultra-tough stubbythene, this toy is supremely durable.
    RRP: £19.51
    Visit: www.discount-equestrian.co.uk

    Showmaster Bruno play ball

    This ball works best out in the field, as it is made of stern stuff with a strong durable handle. This ball also uniquely will never need re-inflating as there special valve that allows this toy to re-inflates itself if any air escapes.
    RRP: £19.90
    Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

    Bizzy Bites

    You can hang this stable toy from the wall, leave on the floor or attach to the stable door. Inspired by baby and dog teethers, the textured wings provide an interesting surface for chewing which aids a teething horse. This toy rotates as your horse lick the lick inside, providing alleviation from boredom.
    RRP: £23.99
    Visit: bizzybites.co.uk






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