Royal Norfolk showing results, 25-26 June

  • ROYAL NORFOLK, Norwich, 25-26 June
    Arab in-hand (Hon Mrs M Wragg) pure-bred 4-y-o & over.— 1 & res, T Betts’ Bay Ffantasy; 2, S Bezzina-Thorley’s Aya Bhadra; 3, T Collins’ Alaab. stallion.— 1 & ch, P Grant’s AH Kuda; 2, T Collins’ Izentespeshal; 3, A Fleming’s Symphytum. y’stk.— 1, Mr & Mrs Carr’s Crystal Sidalla; 2, H Legood’s Virtus Vitia Rahmoon. Anglo/part-bred 4-y-o & over.— 1 & ch, S Palmer’s Palmfields Nightingale; 2 & res, D Barsby’s Rosemore Lucky Touch; 3, Heritage Coast Stud’s Herigate Orion. y’stk.— 1, A Constable’ Clareb Ruby Tuesday; 3, H Kippen’s Ruby Mays Masterpiece. ridden (Hon Mrs M Wragg, Miss E Needham) pure-bred 4-y-o & over.— 1, L Jolly’s Oas Plashaal; 2, A Fleming’s Symphytum; 3, A Russell’s Rumuz. part-bred.— 1 & ch, A Lankester’s Bonnie Sonya; 2 & res, Mr & Mrs Foster’s Whalton Renaissance. cob (Mr D Machin) lwt.— 1 & res, C Emmerson’s Aussie Tim; 2, P Duncan’s Moretown Maxwell; 3, H Leage’s Emerald Star. hwt.— 1 & ch, Beaverfast Ltd’s The Cobbler; 2, J Miller’s Kallarney; 3, K Gillam’s Just Timmy. haflinger (Mrs H Robbins) 4-y-o & over.— 1, A Morgan’s Oxnead Marrisa; 2 & 3, J Chritchlow’s Oxnead Anthem & Oxnead Water Lord. y’stk.— 1, J Chritchlow’s Oxnead Nourse; 2, T & S Crane’s Oxnead Scheryl; 3, A Morgan’s Oxnead Schepody. ridden.— 1, K Jackson’s Millhall Lena; 2, S Gent’s Carlton Mischief; 3, J Hooker’s Oxnead Ambrose. riding horse (Mr D Machin, Ms J Darwin) small.— 1 & res, Massey Group Plc’s Intuitio; 2, D Stennett’s Foxy Formula; 3, S Emmerson’s Saint Coco Bay. large.— 1 & ch, V Ramm’s Sirius II; 2, L Smith-Crallan’s Tranquil Heights; 3, N Heseltine’s Queenstown. hunter breeding (Hon D Gooch) sml y’stk.— 1, Lady Kelvedon’s Meepswood Romanov; 2, D Liffe’s Nutwood Timepiece; 3, J Issacson’s Game Of Luck. y’ling.— 1, Mr & Mrs Aldous’ Reubin; 2, S Favell’s Derrynaggara Paragon. 2-y-o.— 1 & res & 2, D Kellow’s Classical Dream & Logic; 3, E Steptoes Primitive Stardust. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, M Hennessy’s Big Brother III; 2, Colson & King’s Cincinnati; 3, P Bullard’s Moor Ballylee. lwt b’mare.— 1, Z King’s Ayemkay Evin Star; 2, G Stephens’ Windle Claret; 3, C Colwil’s Maiden Voyage. foal.— 1, Z King’s Ayemkay Emae; 2, J Johnson’s Hercule John Poirot; 3, G Stephens. in-hand sport horse (Mr P Scott) y’ling.— 1, M Davies’ Helligan; 2, L & F Enefer’s Quest; 3, Mr & Mrs Hird’s Jannimesa Déjà Vu. 2-y-o.— 1 & res & 3, Classical Dream & Logic; 2, Meepswood Romanov. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, M Hennessy’s Tattygare Watch This Space; 2, Lady Benton-Jones’ Portia; 3, Mr & Mrs Bell’s Robbit. ridden hunter (Mr P Scott, Hon D Gooch) lwt.— 1 & ch, J Jerram’s Azarax; 2 & res L Smith-Crallan’s Fast Track; 3, V Ramm’s Mr Doyle. mwt.— 1, P Duncan’s Just Joe; 2, E Bagnall’s Money Mover; 3, J Thurloe’s Faraday. hwt.— 1, L Bell’s Rockstar; 2, S Noble’s Merlins Pride; 3, V Ramm’s Swaggerman. sml.— 1, H Cook’s Paddington; 2, Beaverfast Ltd’s Lambwath Classic Moment; 3, V Ramm’s Temple Bready Fear Not. working hunter.— 1, L Bell’s Cruise Control; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Sundown; 3, P Philp’s Katmando. mini M&M (Miss R Phillipson-Stow, Mrs A Bigley) FR.— 1, N Evans’ Galwyn Regionaire; 2, Shuttleworth & Leeming’s Waxwng Tom Thumb; 3, S Wood’s Shilstone Rocks Ruanhini. LR.— 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Welford’s Waxwing Pastille; 2 & res, L Reed’s Uffington Elvis; 3, C Gillett’s Colne Honey Dew. M&M non-Welsh (Mr D Sykes) Dartmoor.— 1, J Barton’s Moortown Honeyman; 2, J Grant’s Foxleat Rowenberry; 3, D Marven’s Yeoland Florestan. Connemara, New Forest.— 1, H Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear; 2, C Fenton’s Walstead Songbird; 3, J Etheridge’s Kippure Viking. dales, fell, Highland.— 1, D Hollingworth’s Achnalarig Iona; 2, Mr & Mrs Wonderson’s Clifford Casino; 3,D & N Barfield’s Johnsondene. Dartmoor, Exmoor.— 1, E Arnold’s Vean Night Owl; 2, J Grant’s Vean Esmerelda; 3, R Cole’s Chafford Folklore. Connemara, New Forest, fell, Highland.— 1, J Sutton’s Scottway Golden Lustre; 2, H Almey’s Glenwestcastle Loch Royal; 3, Campion Stud’s Buttslawn Libra. Welsh (Mrs A Bigley) sec A 4-y-o & over.— 1, ch & sup, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Tiara; 2, J Wales’ Springlane Prosperity; 3, C Fell’s Thistledown Champagne. sec B.— 1, L Knight’s Rhydhowell Miss Oliver. sec C/D.— 1, C Meade’s Dabernon Cockney Rebel; 2, T Hall’s Blue Haven Requiem. sec A y’stk.— 1, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Flora; 2, P Bridges’ Bogey Bubbles; 3, L Knight’s Eastways Sea Mist. sec B.— 1, M Butters’ Pennygale Bo Peep; 2, P Jauncey’s Jolaikes Star Light; 3, Mr & Mrs Greenleaf’s Brookhall Like A Butterfly. sec C/D.— 1, L Smith’s Greenwing Pandora’s Pride; 2, J Jenkins’ Fivewinds Ffanci; 3, C Fell’s Brynseion Bendigo. sec A y’ling.— 1, A Overton-Ablitt’s Colne Tinkerbelle; 2, R Eastwood’s Llyndu Pluen; 3, C & B Abel’s Staverton Mary Rose. sec B.— 1, A Nutter’s Ernford Wedding March; 2, M Butters’ Tasvalley Mary Anne; 3, M McInnes-Skinner’s Ernford Beatrix. sec C/D.— 1, S Anderson’s Thistledown Isabella; 2, L Smith’s Greenwing Shannon’s Rose; 3, M Toon’s Coedfedw Sandstorm. ridden M&M (Miss Philipson-Stow, Mrs S Clarke) non-Welsh, New Forest, Connemara.— 1 & ch, J Ravenscroft’s Hesket Willow; 2, Mrs Rowson’s Gemma Of Carlung; 3, L Howlett’s Wellbrow Black Knight. Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland.— 1 & res, M Alford’s Dryknowl Ennar; 2, L Harper’s Jackall; 3, J Barton’s Moortown Master Craftsman. New Forest, Connemara.— 1, Falfield Honeybear; 2, A Baybutt’s Carracastle Barney; 3, Campion Stud’s Bowfield Asterix. Welsh (Mr D Sykes, Mrs J Mackaness) sec A/B.— 1, Mr & Mrs Ashington’s Pittybeck Prince Charming; 2, L Card’s Rosmarche Holly Spring; 3, K Hirst’s Northlight Solero. sec C.— 1, V Jenkins’ Carless Comet; 2, C Bishop’s Glanhayl Chanteal; 3, A Burchell-Smalls Sarum Picasso. sec D.— 1, A Barter’s Gwynneparc Meredith; 2, L Curtis’ Daichristy Jack The Lad; 3, P Travers’ Taiforgan Fferfryn. palomino Mrs G Northern) 4-y-o & over.— 1, J Nunn’s Pewit Dancing Movie Magic; 2, J Blanchflower’s Tegwyn; 3, A Jackson’s Kingsettle Thrysma. y’stk.— 1, A Hinchley’s Brandeston Luke; 2 & 3, J Nunn’s Sir Nunn Shining Star & Sir Nunn Royal William. ridden.— 1, Tegwyn; 2, C Badger’s Tanglewood Claudius; 3, Kingsettle Thrysma. RP breeding (Mrs S Clark) y’ling.— 1, W Lloyd’s Marshbrook Lady Arabella; 2, P & K Sinclair’s Ninfield Jane Eyre;3, C Higham’s Hightopps Hugo. 2-y-o.— 1, Lady Benton-Jones’ Daldorn Spring Thyme; 2, N Cranston’s Dykebeck Wild Bluebell. 3-y-o.— 1 & ch, D Herron’s Castanya Starlight. b’mare.— 1 & ch, J Grace’s Renelles Sparkling Romance; 2, C Bell’s Deanshill Maid Of Honour; 3, C Higham’s Centurion Saraphine. foal.— 1, J Grace’s Renelles Royal Command; 2, G Neve; 3, C Higham’s Centurion Saraphine. coloured (M Lawrence) y’stk.— 1, P Griffiths’ Montrevil; 2, K Brunton’s Irish Romance; 3, C Hardstone’s Brooksreef Sensation. 153cm.— 1, E Pettengell’s Croftys Enigma; 2, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstand Angelica; 3, T Whitehand’s Chelsey Girl. exc 153cm.— 1, Montrevil; 2, T Oliver’s Bowstridge Firecracker; 3, V Cotton’s Wulfstan Cassius Clover. ridden 153cm traditional/native.— 1, D Marven’s Billy Onions; 2, K Szostak’s Partial Eclipse; 3, A Thomas’ Ernie. non-native.— 1 & ch, S Dennis’ Shybont Broadways Dazzling Moments; 2, D Gottschalk’s Hollyland Heaven Can Wait; 3, R Twinn’s Toby. lwt/mwt.— 1, M Guterres’ Hagrid; 2, Mr & Mrs Morley’s Puzzles Pleased As Punch; 3, C Williams’ Unicum. hwt trad/vanner.— 1 & res, S Lawrence’s Wulfstan Iceni; 2, N Cook’s Maverick;3, V Cotton’s Wulfstan Cassius Clover. open.— 1, Billy Onions; 2, J Salmon’s Claydons Colour Coded; 3, J Gosling’s Tinker Tim. veteran (Miss T Mizzi) in-hand 15-19-y-o.— 1, L Davie’s Ascension Day; 2, C Lazell’s Ragwood Kostalot; 3, D Marven’s Pontsarn Sadie. 20-24-y-o.— 1, S Sands’ Big Bad Bert; 2, D Nunn’s Polly Doyle; 3, T Ruffles’ Sterling. 25-y-o & over.— 1, D Barber’s Game Beat; 2, I Budd’s Dicken; 3, Miss Hancock’s Ocean Mist. ridden 15-19-y-o.— 1, F Clark’s Major II; 2, Claydons Colour Code; 3, L Davie’s Ascension Day. 20-24-y-o.— 1, N Goy’s Sackville Nicky; 2, T Ruffles’ Sterling; 3, Polly Doyle. 25-y-o & over.— 1, D Barber’s Game Beat; 2, Ocean Mist; 3, A Finch’s Storm. WHP (Mrs D Machin, Mr A Illsley) 133cm.— 1 & ch, M Herbert’s Thistledown Royal Cadet; 2, K Taylor’s Gold Dawn Chorus. 143cm.— 1 & res, E Manning’s Mr Greengrass; 2, L Harris’ Meadowrose Kestrel; 3, R Salter’s Silver Fox. 153cm.— 1, J Wood’s Sittng Pretty; 2, K Cole’s Marionette; 3, R Wright’s Catch Fantastic. heavy horses, Suffolk (Mr G Bailey) gelding.— 1, R & F Clark’s Block Fen Jester; 2, A Wager’s Nedging Golden Delight; 3, Z Banham’s Mildew Charles. mare.— 1, Mr & Mrs Fleming’s Eyke Samphire; 2, M Tollemache’s Tollemache Dorothy. foal.— 1, N Bradley’s Fenland Pearl; 2, Mr & Mrs Fleming’s Eyke Mistrel; 3, Bunting & Sons’ Little Boxer. b’mare.— 1, Mr & Mrs Flemings Eyke Amber; 2, N Bradley’s Fenland Gem; 3, Bunting & Sons’ Withersfield Pride. 2/3-y-o.— 1, Countess of Euston & S Juby’s Euston Jasper; 2, P Morley’s Milden Bess; 3, G Paul’s Samford Topaz. stallion.— 1 & ch, N Syrett’s Besthorpe Ajax. shire (Mr L Harrison) gelding.— 1, T Yates’ Darley Kellen; 2, W Langley’s Sid; 3, A Clouting’s Acle Frodo. mare.— 1, B Banham’s Acle Sabrina; 2, P Clayton’s Sladbrook Sapphire. foal.— 1, T Yates’ Cowerslane Ivor; 2, Ward & Sons’ Decoy Prince Of Wales. b’mare.— 1, Ward & Sons’ Decoy Prncess Dawn; 2, T Yates’ Boytn Gold Bracelet. y’ling.— 1, B Banham’s Acle Brigadier; 2, G Robinson’s Metheringham Upton Sydney. 2-y-o.— 1, G Robinson’s Metheringham Upton Eloise; 2, N Tofts’ Manor Farm Monday Girl. 3-y-o.— 1, P & K Harper’s Bradworth Olivia; 2, B Wright’s Sladbrook Little Gem. jnr stallion.— 1, B Dulieu’s Bower Heath Buster; 2, P Bower’s Thames Oak Lucky Lad; 3, A Perkins’ Woodcock Prince William. stallion.— 1, D Banham’s Dothan Buscot. ridden (Mr P Cook).— 1, G Cass’ Roc. percheron (Mr N Murfitt) gelding.— 1, L Chapman’s Marchefroy; 2, I Turner’s Quatrevent. mare.— 1, E Bailey’s Willingham Chrystal; 2, M Scurrell’s Willingham Flo. b’mare.— 1, A Stubbs’ Claudier. y’ling.— 1, R & F Clark’s Ludwell Atlas. 2/3-y-o.— 1, M & L Scurrell’s Willingham Ella; 2, A Jones’ Boyland Elsbeth. harness.— 1, G Cass’ Fifield Raymond; 2, D Syer’s Walton Pioneer; 3, D Spanton’s Acle Ryan. turnouts.— 1, R Roper; 2, Mr & Mrs Fuller; 3, Mr J Goodwin. single.— 1, Mr & Mrs Fuller; 2, P Smith’s Colony Hope & Lockspit King Louis; 3, P Jackson’s Elmbrook Monarch.

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