Household Cavalry enjoy a blast on Holkham beach

  • Equine and human members of the Household Cavalry have escaped London to enjoy their annual trip to Norfolk.

    Horses and soldiers from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) have been letting off steam on one of the highlights of the summer training camp, the ride on Holkham beach.

    “The beach ride is excellent for both soldier and horse in many respects, particularly for horse welfare as the salt water is hugely beneficial for any nicks and cuts the horses may have picked up,” said Life Guards Squadron Leader, Major Tom Seccombe.

    “The soldiers build on their skills in a new environment and take on a challenge where they ride without saddles and improve their balance.

    “The drills that we learn for The Queen’s birthday parade are put into action here when we go from trot to canter, ensuring we remain a cohesive unit.

    “Riding on the beach improves the confidence of the rider in a wide open space, which has tangible, notable benefits for our horses when we are on duty in London at Horse Guards.”

    Household Cavalry Holkham beach

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    Some of horses enjoy going out for a swim, while others prefer to stay in shallow water and the choice is up to them.

    The ride is one of many activities that the regiment take part in during their time at Bodney Camp, which serves as their north Norfolk base.

    But the training camp is no holiday — while there, the soldiers are put through a tough regime of equestrian and military skills, which also help to build bonds between horses and troops

    These include learning and improving advanced riding techniques, weapons handling, farriery training, military fitness tests, participating? in tent pegging, sword, lance and pistol drill, cross-country riding and showjumping.

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