How to get a temporary job at Burghley Horse Trials

  • Applying for a temporary Burghley Horse Trials job is a great way to get involved with the prestigious event without the need for a five-star horse. Here’s how to find a job at Burghley…

    Members’ hospitality and catering

    Be more that just a spectator with Sodexo Prestige, who provide catering services to some of the most prestigious venues and events across the UK. Temporary Burghley Horse Trials jobs encompass all aspects of catering and include baristas, bar tenders, kitchen staff, wine waiters, table clearing, chefs and front of house.

    How much do they pay?
    Wages depend on job role and level of experience. The starting rate is £7.70 per hour.

    What sort of prior experience is required?
    A good work ethic and attitude is as beneficial as previous catering experience.
    Those working at the horse trials attend a four-hour training session on the Wednesday of the event to bring them up to speed.

    Telephone: 01344 878 551
    Visit: www.bemorethanaspectator.com

    Car parks and traffic management

    CTM manage the event traffic and admission control at Burghley Horse Trials. Temporary roles include traffic marshals (guiding the traffic into designated parking areas) and ticket selling positions.

    How much do they pay?
    Minimum wage.

    What sort of prior experience is required?
    You must be fit and healthy and able to stand for the duration of your shift.
    When you arrive on site you will be receive an induction from your on-site manager as well as being handed your high vis.

    Telephone: 01676 549001
    Visit: www.ctm.uk.com

    Rubbish management and cleaning services

    Morris Holdings is a family run business that supplies cleaning services such as refuse removal, litter picking and toilet cleaning to outdoor events. Litter picking opportunities may be offered as among the temporary Burghley Horse Trials jobs.

    Telephone: 01691 680373
    Visit: www.morrisholdings.co.uk

    British Evening volunteer

    There are multiple roles available at horse trials up and down the country for BE volunteers, ranging from fence judging and stewarding to coordinating the lorry park and litter control. However, don’t expect a four-star gig immediately. Fence judging at Badminton and Burghley is a great honour and takes many years of experience.

    How do I apply?
    Register with BE as a volunteer, which is free to do. BE membership is not required.

    What sort of prior experience is required?
    BE provides training (usually in the off season) for the roles of fence judge, scorer, controller, commentator and steward.

    Tel: 0247 669 8856
    Visit: www.britisheventing.com

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